6 Inventive Deck Skirting Ideas

Erecting a deck and neglecting its skirt is construction’s equivalent of all fur coat and no knickers. Sure, lattice can be lovely, but it’s all a bit last century. Decks claim some outdoor space as your own and can become the most used space in the home, but why should we rely on trellis and lattice to add modesty to the gaping chamber underneath our raised spaces?

Of course, when you have your decking built, all you want is to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and the freedom, and it’s all too easy to overlook the underside – an ugly, yawning chasm dragging the beauty of your expensive appendage down into the dirt.


Fear not, for we’ve found some decadent deck skirting ideas that fashion the finish in respectful sympathy with the home; remaining a lattice-free zone.

Moroccan Beauty
via houzz.com

Why try to hide the underside of your stylish deck with planks that strive for invisibility? This Moroccan floral pattern makes a real feature of this decking space and adds a measure of sophistication to this beautiful home. The textured render of the exterior wall is bright and white, contrasting confidently with the reddish tones of the wood and the stark black of the railings; continued motifically into this fabulous, patterned screening. Backlighting is used to marvelous effect: heightening the hypnotic patterning of the screen while inviting you to ascend the steps. How much more welcoming could this fabulous decking be during a warm summer’s evening, than with the bohemian glow of African screening? Inspired.

Dry Stone
via Decks.com

This is more a swooping entrance than a fully-blown deck, but the principle is there. Wood is the natural material of choice for decking, but there’s no reason why the skirting need follow suit. This colonial home is a tasteful combination between irregular stone cladding and wood paneling, bringing real character to this stylish abode. So to follow the stone around the skirt of the deck makes total sense and unites the old perfectly with the new. If you want something to suggest greater permanence, then stone cladding pairs with wood as its natural bed-fellow. Wonderful.

Horizontal Interest
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It’s a bit too easy to simply pin some planks to the skirt and be done with it. But planking rarely adds anything other than a functional bit of dressing that’s neither unattractive or remarkable. So, if you’re considering the horizontal, there are ways in which we can lift the skirt without immodestly closing the curtains on style. This intermittent horizontal planking provides an interesting texture of pattern while accentuating perspective, alluding to length and tricking the eye into the perception of augmented space. The arrangement is simply a sequence of fat next to thin, reiterating down the skirt producing something of note, rather than indifference. There’s a good tonal variety displayed through the wood chosen, which adds a further sense of visual interest. Subtle.

It Was Always There
via sdimn.com

This gently elevated deck looks like it was always there – it may very well have been. But what works so successfully, here, is the integrated color palette: the subtly-framed, vertical skirting blends with the exterior walls, using color to unify the building’s design. This home is modestly smart in tones of oyster grey, outlining its winning features with a crisp white that methodically flaunts the nurture with which this stylish town-house has clearly been lavished. The skirting is so subtle that you’d be forgiven for missing it – and that’s the point. Sometimes we look at the deck, and the skirt should blend invisibly with its surrounding brethren. Enviably smart.

Following The Contours
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Sometimes the contours of your deck are interesting enough to be considered a feature and this strip-planking is a great example of the geometrically simple enhancing the chosen lines of design. What we particularly love about this super-simple horizontal cladding is the consistent shiplap spacing which screens the undercarriage so triumphantly. Horizontal lines enhance the perception of depth while looking neat and well-considered. This planking has been allowed to flourish in its natural hue – rather than shielded in paint – and works effectively against the camouflage green of the railings. This screening makes for an excellent under-deck storage space. Impressive.

The Reliability Of Brick
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This deck looks sturdy and permanent with a tonal palette that unifies the deck to the home and the skirting to the earth. Sometimes a skirt needs the constancy of cement, and this decking rises from the ground as if the foundations stretch deep into the earth, giving this outside platform the reliability of bricks and mortar. The chosen stone adds interesting texture to the flat consistency of the clean, white deck-base while the vertical slats in the rails blend with the tongue-and-groove cladding of the exterior walls. Variety in materials can bring tonal richness to a construction, and this subtle contrast works beautifully. Striking.

So, there you have it – a lattice-free zone with lots of ideas to offer those who wish to aim a little higher. We love the contrast of materials and the clever lighting that help lift a basic construction into a feature to fall for. What do you think? Add some comments in the box below and don’t forget to share with your pals.