7 Stunning Covered Deck Ideas

A well-designed deck drags the cozy functionality of the enclosed living space out of the home and into the great outdoors. A well-appointed area for outdoor living helps to sell bricks and mortar; so it’s well worth considering maximizing your alfresco space by incorporating a touch of inspired zing.

We’ve discovered some fantastic, inspirational covered deck areas that extend the concept of outdoor living beyond the four walls and out into the ether.

If you’re considering a garden make-over, don’t make a single decision until you’ve checked out our inspiring selection of covered decks that elevate a dull patio into something spectacular.

The Garden Pod

The garden pod comes in many varieties, but we’ve fallen in love with this square box, sporting circular openings. A covered deck is often as much for privacy as it is for protection and shelter; however, this funky pod also adds architectural interest to your garden, contributing a functional room for relaxing, working, or entertaining. The comfy corner-sofa is an ideal spot for chilling while sheltering from the sun’s rays during those long, hot summer scorchers; and for escaping the stresses of the working day with a glass of something special during those calming, balmy evenings. The huge, cycloidal maws might not offer a great deal of protection from the wind or rain, but they give a friendly annularity to this box of right-angles and sharp edges. Perhaps this funky box is only really suitable for warmer climes, situated in a sheltered spot; but this is an idea primed for development – curtains or doors wouldn’t take anything away from the aesthetic after all. Nonetheless, this is a sturdy construction that has been built to last, equipped for enduring enjoyment. Stunning.

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The Basket

This sightly shroud of slat-work is a testament to outdoor living and a salute to the strength of wood. Providing shelter from the sun without blocking its energy altogether, this over-sized basket creates a lovely outside boudoir that feels private; even when you’re in the open air. The chunky, rustic table and slightly Spartan benches reflect the hue of the surrounding slatting. The basket lampshade projects dappled light in a unique pattern, contrasting with the sharp lines cast from the sun shining inward. This is the ideal solution for those that crave the outdoors, but want some privacy. Spectacular.

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The Atrium

This beautiful wood and glass atrium demonstrates spectacularly what can be achieved when the flow of the home drifts freely into the outdoors. This beautiful space extends outward from the protective shell of the house, flooding this indoor/outdoor space with light while maintaining the sweep of residence directly into the garden. The clear glass roofing affords a fantastic view over established trees while providing the purveyor with protection from the rain, and the coziness of an indoor space. For the best of both worlds, this fantastic atrium has all of the comforts of home, with an open wall that looks out over the garden. The deck is of a similar material to the wooden cladding that envelops the main building, facilitating perfect integration. Taken from this angle, it feels as though this space is surrounded by walls; but if you look carefully, the furthest panels from the house are entirely open to the elements. Inspired.

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The Raised Deck

This deck extends from huge patio doors, while its architectural construction adds reassuring quality to this beautiful platform, overlooking a mountainous scene that you would never wish to hide from view. The steel construction is sturdy with a feel of true permanence – certainly enough to support the floating egg chair, making this cool construction the superlative spot for admiring sunsets. The roof covering is lightweight and retractable, giving both the potential for sunbathing or escaping the rays when they become too powerful. This covered deck is relatively clear of furniture, making use of temporary deckchairs rather than more permanent rattan or wicker solutions; keeping the space clear for adaptable living. I’m sure a dining table would elevate this location into a prime position to enjoy an evening meal. Marvellous.

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Herringbone Hangers

These attractive herringbone hangers make a great privacy screen. Fully suspended from the ceiling, this solution provides a sense of security, without the claustrophobia of being entirely enclosed, and an interesting dimensional perspective that gives these flat wooden screens depth and texture. The decking is entirely covered with a roof that extends from the building proper, making this outdoor space suitable for year-round enjoyment. The deep red of the creosote blends in perfectly with the slightly deeper vermillion of the supporting post, bringing the reassurance of nature into this lovely outdoor space. Wonderful.

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The Skylight

Just in case the permanence of this gable roof feels a little excessive, the addition of several skylights keeps the view of the stars and the rays of the sun as focal points in this lovely, spacious decking area that looks out onto established gardens. Who wouldn’t feel like they’d died and gone to heaven in this beautifully minimalist space, surrounded by pine and painted floorboards? The circular dining table provides the most social and democratic of seating arrangements, ensuring that everyone has access to each other without excluding those placed at the end of the table. The ceiling fan is an essential for those roasting days where shelter alone just won’t do. The beams of the roof are stained in a deep tone of chestnut, making a feature of their exposed nature, and providing a beautiful tonal contrast to all of the distinctive pine. This incredible, spacious decking area would be perfect for a group yoga session. Special.

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Blinded By The Light

When shelter from blistering heat is required, but you want to maintain the freedom of the outdoors, this simple decking system makes for a versatile sanctuary. The frame of this construction is basic and sparse, warmed up by the wood of the blinds and the comfortable furniture that sits in wait. The roll-down screens are a simple, yet effective way of providing refuge when needed and uninterrupted views of the beautiful established gardens when not. These slatted screens are relatively inexpensive and a great way to create temporary walls that enclose a space for a cozy little retreat from the sun’s beating rays. Versatile.

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We love these outdoor/indoor spaces that are built solely to accommodate leisure activities. We’re particularly impressed by the range of materials – both temporary and permanent – that make outdoor living so accessible; no matter the weather. What do you think? Be sure to share this article with your friends, and get the conversation started.