Tuscan Country Kitchen Ideas

If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen in a country style, the Tuscan country style might be able to provide you with the warm and welcoming environment most people want from their kitchen. We’ve collected some of our favourite Tuscan country kitchen ideas to help you get the right look and feel in your home.

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The root of many of the common Tuscan kitchen features can be traced back to the colours associated with Tuscany. The rolling green hills, blue skies and rich soils are all key inspirations for many of the main colour schemes in Tuscan kitchens.

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Warm, soothing yellows, burnt orange and terracotta are all used to inspire the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere many people associate with Tuscany, while various Mediterranean blues are used to help add a little touch of luxury to the room.

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As with most country kitchen styles, a Tuscan country kitchen looks best when it looks a little lived in. Distressed or matte surfaces help provide this authentic look, as does keeping things like pots and cooking utensils on display. This helps create the feeling that the room is well-used and well-loved.

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The overall feel in a Tuscan country kitchen should be one of relaxed elegance and comfort, a place for you to spend time in and enjoy rather than to rush through on your way to the office.

There should be a big emphasis placed on making the most of the natural light available to the room, with many windows featuring semi-translucent curtains or left bare. Most Tuscan country kitchen look to include some plant life, often using window boxes with numerous different flowers.

When it comes to furniture, raw wood is generally the popular choice. Wooden tables and benches really help add to the country kitchen look, and help achieve a real rustic and homely vibe. Cabinetry is usually made of natural wood, often painted in lighter colours with a distressed look to help add an authentic feel. Countertops tend to be matte stone rather than ceramics or high gloss surfaces.

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Many Tuscan style kitchens use the backsplash as a feature area, often including rich tile mosaics to really offer something unique. While matte surfaces are generally preferred in general with this style, the backsplash is the one place to add some sparkle to the earthy tones used elsewhere in the kitchen.

When it comes to flooring, tiles are very much the preferred option. Ceramic tile, terracotta tile or marble flooring in sandy, neutral colours will really help finish off the look.

For accessories, look for handmade items and art which incorporates the natural Tuscan countryside. Many people incorporate traditional cookware on display in the kitchen, helping add to the ‘lived-in and loved’ feel of the room.

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