French Country Kitchen Ideas

French country designs tend to be popular with those looking to combine comfort, warmth and beauty in their home, and it’s never more apparent than with French country kitchen designs. The style is based around the kitchen being the hub of the home, and a great country kitchen should inspire a family-friendly feeling. To help you plan your kitchen, we’ve collected some stunning French country kitchen ideas to inspire you.

The main feature of a country style kitchen is to evoke the feeling of a simpler life, when plenty of time was spent in the kitchen preparing meals for the family. Luckily, thanks to modern design and technology, we can get the same great food without spending all day cooking!

Most French country kitchens will have a pale, soft colour scheme, inspired by the outdoors and the colours from a country landscape. If you’re trying to pick out the right colour scheme, look for earthy tones with a soft, muted feel.

With cabinets taking up the majority of the visual space in the room, it’s important to carry the colour scheme over to the cupboards as well as the walls and flooring. Again, aim for warm earthy tones when choosing your kitchen cabinets.

One of the hallmarks of a French country kitchen style is often the crown moulding which frames the top of the cabinets, while skirted cabinetry is also popular in most country kitchen designs.

As you might expect from a style which is inspired by the natural landscape, the style incorporates plenty of natural materials in the design. Wooden cabinets and furniture is common, while stone and brick surfaces are always popular.

If there’s space available in the room, most French country kitchens will incorporate a large kitchen island. The roots of this design feature are linked to the family orientated nature of the style, with the island serving as the main food preparation area and providing a space for people to come together.

The kitchen island will typically be the focal point of the room, and many people choose to highlight this by choosing a different colour for it than the rest of the room. The colour pallette should remain the same, with mostly warm and muted tones, but choosing a contrast can really draw the eye to the island.

While the style is almost exclusively traditional, modern decor can be incorporated in subtle ways. One example would be to use painted surfaces or darker wood around the island, contrasting a lighter colour scheme around the rest of the room.

One of the features loved by fans of this style of kitchen is the traditional farmhouse sink. Sometimes known as an apron style sink, the beauty is in the simplicity of the design and it works well in any country style kitchen.

Another feature that’s still popular is hanging cookware overhead. While this was largely a practical choice traditionally, many people still opt to hang copper cookware overhead to beautifully combine form and function.

When it comes to you choice of lighting, many people opt for lanterns or outdoor style lighting to really maintain the authentic feel. Many French country kitchens also incorporate a fireplace for light and heat, further solidifying the room as a place for people to gather.

If a traditional fireplace isn’t included, cooking spaces are often reminiscent of fireplaces to help maintain the look and feel or a traditional French country kitchen. Brick or stone is often used to surround the stove, while an archway or a hood may also be included.

One of the mainstays of the style is the inclusion of iron details such as cast iron or wrought iron torches. It can be included as part of the lighting or as part of the decor, but it really helps finish off the look.

While it can be hard to quantify, the main feeling you should get from a French country style kitchen is one of warmth. It should be a welcoming room that encourages people to congregate over food, wine and conversation – all things the French are famous for!


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