English Country Kitchen Ideas

Like most country kitchen styles, the English country kitchen style can be traced back to rural cottages and farming communities over the last few hundred years. Huge importance is placed on creating a comfortable, homely feel in the room, often incorporating a seating area for families to gather and spend time together.

Other common features include kitchen islands, exposed ceiling beans and arched doorways. Here we’ll look at a few English country kitchen ideas and hopefully inspire your own country kitchen design.

Colour Scheme

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In general, an English country kitchen will be based around warm, welcoming colours like antique whites, soft creams and various other pastel hues. Many people also opt to brighten things up a little by including brightly coloured utensils or appliances.

For furniture and other décor, popular fabric choices include bold floral patterns, stripes and plaid help recreate that traditional feel. These fabrics can be included on things like curtains and valances, tablecloths, dishcloths and cushions.


Flooring and Architecture

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The most commonly used flooring in an English country kitchen will be hardwood or quarried flagstone. For hardwood flooring, dark woods are an excellent modern choice and are often used in country kitchen design.

Quarried flagstone has a fairly rough look, but it’s extremely hard wearing and easy to maintain. It can also be quite expensive, so many people opt for a high quality vinyl flooring to replicate the look without the big investment.

The architectural features which really make an English country kitchen stand out include exposed wooden ceiling beams, a brick backsplash and timber doors.

Cabinetry and Worktops

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The style often includes painted cabinetry, with a distressed finish giving the kind of slightly weathered appearance that many look for in a country kitchen. Many people choose to incorporate a hutch between their cabinets, which offer storage space and an area to display various decorative objects.

Glass cabinets are always popular, while open shelves with decorative items can really help finish off the traditional country kitchen look. Items like teapots, china and woven baskets are all commonly used accessories in this style.

If you have the space available, a kitchen island with a butcher top can really add something extra to a country kitchen. It’s a great place to prepare a meal and socialise, and many people use an island as an eating area by incorporating kitchen stools around the island.

Finishing Touches

Including pictures and painting of scenes which depict the English countryside, such as landscapes or common farm animals, is always a popular finishing touch. Many people opt to display traditional kitchenware, such as copper pots and pans, tea sets and antique utensils to help add a little authenticity to the room.

For plant life, roses and wildflowers displayed on the kitchen counters will help add to the look and feel of the kitchen, while many people choose to add various potted herbs and other greenery to help bring the garden into the kitchen

Everyone will have their own idea of what makes the perfect kitchen, but these are some of the most commonly found English country kitchen ideas. By incorporating some of them in your design you’ll recreate that warm, welcoming vibe that this kind of kitchen provides.

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