Small Conservatory Decorating Ideas

While a conservatory is a great way to add some extra space to your house and give you a larger indoor area, you may not have all the necessary space to give yourself the dream conservatory you wanted. But you don’t have to let your space limitations cramp your plans for a great conservatory. Here are some ideas that help you make the most of your conservatory space, no matter how small it may be.


Glass Gives the Illusion of Space

While most conservatories are quite open and have a lot of glass components, the more glass you use in your conservatory walls, the more space it will seem like you have. That’s because glass makes a seamless transition between the outside and the inside of the conservatories for your eyes to follow. Your eyes will trick your brain into thinking that there is more space there than there actually is, and you can feel like you are doing a lot with a little bit of space.

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Conserve Floor Space

If you are placing all your planters and other conservatory items on the floor, you will quickly use up your floor space, especially in a small area. If you want to give yourself some extra space, then consider hanging as many items as you can from the walls and ceiling. Just because you don’t have a lot of floor area does not mean that you can’t fill up your conservatory. You can always extend the roof to make it taller and hang your items in that additional space.

Keeping the floor free from clutter and decorations will make it easier to move around your conservatory and give you a larger sense of space. Keep in mind that the exterior of your conservatory can serve as decorating space as well. You can hang items outside and still be able to see them and appreciate them through your conservatory’s glass walls.

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You should also consider shelving to arrange and organize conservatory decorations. Knick-knacks and family heirlooms can be proudly displayed on the wall space, and you don’t have to use that precious floor space to devote to them.

Use Your Space Wisely

No matter the shape or size of your conservatory, there are likely some ways that you can put a many decorations into it that you want without sacrificing a lot of floor space. The best way to do that is to really use your corners. Placing a table snugly into the corner gives you a lot more space than if you placed it in the centre of the conservatory.


You may also want to consider changing the way your doors open. If your house’s doors open into the conservatory, then you can lose some precious space, instead, look into making the doors open both ways or reversing the way they open to give you more room inside the conservatory.

Another good way to cut down on the amount of space you are using is to make one conservatory decoration the centre of the room. That could be a table or a couch or some other large item. But by making a central item for the room, you are better able to consign everything else to the edges, freeing up your floor space and making the room seem more spacious. If everything is just kind of strewn about and arranged haphazardly, then you lose a lot of space and make your conservatory feel more cluttered. But by careful placement you can really open up your conservatory.