Heating Ideas for Your Conservatory

While your conservatory is the perfect place to stay nice and warm in the summer months, it can get pretty cold as the winter weather moves in. These heating ideas for a conservatory will help you stay cosy through those colder months of the year.

Look At Your Current Set Up

They tend to lose a lot of neat naturally when compared to the rest of the house, as the insulation provided by the glass is nowhere near as effective as a brick wall. Even double or triple glazing causes the heat do disappear fairly quickly, so it’s only really worth considering replacing the glass if you have an older conservatory with single glazing,

While the glass can be a big factor, heat is often lost through draughts appearing in the conservatory. Check your doors to ensure they’re draught-proof, and try to block off any other potential sources. This will help stop heat escaping when you install conservatory heating.

You can also lose a surprising amount of heat through your floor in your conservatory. You’ll really feel the cold if you have tile or laminate flooring, so it can be worth placing a rug to help combat this. In more extreme cases it might be best to switch to carpet with thick underlay.

Conservatory Heating Ideas

There are a number of options available to conservatory owners, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One thing to note is that there’s little point in putting conservatory heating on a timer to  pre-heat the room, as the heat is lost so quickly that it’s best just to switch it on when you’re in the room.

Electric Conservatory Heating

Quick to install and there’s no ventilation required. It’s also easy and quick to adjust the temperature in the room, but the running costs of electric heading can be quite high if you use it regularly.

Gas Conservatory Heating


Gas heating is cheaper to run than electric heating while retaining many of the benefits. The downside is that you’ll need to incorporate some sort of ventilation, which can add additional cost and can cause you to lose heat.

Central Heating

Another option is to connect the conservatory to your existing central heating system. You’ll need to check with your conservatory supplier to see if this is viable for your property, but if it is it can be a cheap and efficient way of heating your conservatory. The installation costs can be a little higher than some of the other options, but you should recoup this over time with lower running costs.

Fan Heater

A quick and simple solution is to pick up a cheap fan heater. They are inexpensive to buy and can be used anywhere, but they make a lot of noise and are expensive to run. A good short term solution while you decide on a better alternative.

Electric Panel Heater

Another easy to install solution that’s a step up from a fan heater. You can pick up a good electric heater fairly cheap, they warm up quickly and don’t take up a lot of space. Like the other electric heating options, this can be expensive to run over time.

Oil Radiator

Very cheap to run and it works well to heat a room up quickly, but it can take up a lot of space and they tend to be on the heavy side. A good solution if you have the space and don’t mind it being in one place.

Free Standing Gas Fire

Another reasonably inexpensive option that works well to heat a room quickly. They’re often quite heavy and can take up a lot of space, so they’re not ideal for small rooms. You’ll also need some ventilation in place.

Under Floor Heating

Despite being a slightly more expensive option, under floor heating can be a great way of heating a conservatory. It doesn’t take up any space, can be run off the central heating so it’s inexpensive and provides a comfortable temperature. The initial installation costs can be quite high, so it’s not ideal for everyone.