Conservatory Window Dressing Ideas

Your conservatory likely comes with some large windows, and it can be difficult to make them interesting. Fortunately, there are some great ways to fix the problem of boring windows and to really liven up your conservatory.

Matching Patterns


One of our favourite window dressing ideas for conservatories extends to the entire room. Using patterned curtains in the windows covers up some of your windows, but we recommend just using ones that are only a few feet long. These create a nice border above your windows, but they can look out of place.

That is, they will only look out of place until you add in some similarly patterned items around the room. Your couch cushions, lampshades and other adornments can share the same patterns as the curtains, tying everything together and making your conservatory look unified.

When choosing a pattern, be sure to pick something that goes well with natural light. After all, the best part of using a conservatory is the natural lighting you get to enjoy. So anything that can accentuate that natural light, such as soft shades, is perfect for your conservatory.

Reduce Heat with Coloured Panels


A conservatory can get very hot during summer months. All that natural sunlight is great, but it can become a bit too much. You can reduce that heat and some of the intense light with curtain panels. Using a variety of coloured panels or stiffened sections of curtains, you can create a colourful effect that adds some great atmosphere to your conservatory.

If you choose lighter shades, such as creams, whites, yellows and blues, you can get some soft, coloured light coming into your room and really make the place more vibrant. And if you do put up these coloured curtain sections, then you will need to extend the same colours to the rest of the room. It’s a good idea to make sure that your cushions, fabrics and other decorative items match up with the colours of your curtains.

Tropical Floral Prints


Maybe you want your conservatory to have a definite plant theme. Many people do, which is why they often fill their conservatories with hanging plants and potted plants. But you don’t actually have to use plants to get that natural theme. You can use floral prints on the windows to cut back some of that heat and sunlight and to bring out a natural-looking atmosphere in your conservatory.

How far you want to go with these is up to you, but you may want to make sure that you can take down the floral prints or hide them away for days you just want to appreciate the natural lighting and look outside easily. In that case, you can just go with floral print curtains. A more permanent method is to have the prints placed directly in the windows. It’s really up to your preferences which way you decide to go.

If you do add some floral designs to the windows, then you will want to match up the rest of the room with them. Just putting some plants on the end tables or on the floor can really tie everything together and permeate the room with your plant theme.

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