Conservatory Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Conservatories are a great way of bringing natural light into your home,  but adding artificial light sources make them a great place to relax in the evening as well as during the day. Below are some of our favourite conservatory lighting ideas to help brighten up your home.

Low Level Lights

You can use overhanging lamps or table lamps to keep the light at low levels focused around the tables and chairs to create a snug environment in your home. The natural feeling created by this type of lighting will be extremely effective after the sun set.

Integrated Spotlights

You can also plan to integrate spotlights into the beam of your conservatory if you are planning to construct one in near future at your home. You should choose the suitable fittings carefully according to the design and style of your home.

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Wired Lighting

You can find spotlights on wire in the market to use them as a functional lighting alternative for your conservatory which work by just by plugging them into the nearest socket. You can perfectly illuminate your tables, doors and other furniture in the room through this kind of down lighting.

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Fairy String Lights

You can use various types of string lights available in the market to create a magical environment in your conservatory. These lights are available in various styles and colours ranging from simple and subtle white light to the bulbs found in a number of playful colours which can add character to your space.

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Though chandeliers can be installed easily in the conservatories but they provide a grand look to your space. Most of the modern chandeliers usually include down lights and shades to give a subtle look to your conservatory as compared to the shining crystal droplets used in traditional chandeliers which provide an overwhelming look to the space.

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