Conservatory Colour Scheme Ideas

Decorating your conservatory is very much a matter of personal style, but when it comes to choosing a colour scheme you often have more options than other areas of the house. Conservatories are naturally bright, light areas which offer more options when it comes to choosing your décor. These conservatory colour scheme ideas should help you find the right layout for you.

When choosing colours it’s important to consider the size of the room and how this will impact on your choice.

Higher ceilings and wider floors mean you have a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing darker tones, as the additional light will help fill up the room without help from the colour scheme. It’s worth noting that as well as absorbing light, darker colours can also absorb heat. If you opt for a darker flooring then you’ll need to include blinds or UV glass to help combat this.

The most common approach to choosing colours for a conservatory is to stick with pastel colour schemes, as they allow the natural light to bounce around and help create an illusion of space. With conservatories moving people more towards the outdoors many people prefer a nature-inspired colour scheme, incorporating lots of greens, blues, whites, tans and creams

Some people also like to match the conservatory colours to those around the rest of the house, helping to continue the flow of the décor. Some conservatories can feel like they’ve been bolted on to the side of the house, so matching the interiors can help remove this.

To help inspire you we’ve collected a few conservatory colour scheme ideas below.


Traditional conservatories will stick with a pastel scheme to help blend with the wicker furniture and the natural, organic, outdoor feel. Lighter fabrics tend to be used, both for the style and the fact the colours won’t deteriorate through sun exposure.



Light and bright colours through, incorporating colours like ivory to help maximise the daylight. Lighter furniture and tiles help brighten up the room while keeping things cool.


Combining a natural colour palette with darker wood can help create a relaxing, modern look.



For something a little different, why not try a Mediterranean style conservatory? Using bright colours like yellows, oranges and reds can help create a warm and exciting feel to the room.

Victorian Country

Combining colours like duck egg and lavender with ivories and whites helps create the Victorian conservatory feel. Incorporating plenty of plant life will help complete the look.