5 Bungalow Conservatory Ideas

When it comes to adding a bungalow to your property, those living in a bungalow have slightly fewer options available than those living in a two storey house. Fortunately it’s still possible to have a fantastic conservatory – hopefully these bungalow conservatory ideas will help you find the right one for you.


One of the most common types of conservatory for bungalows in the lean-to, and it tends to be the main recommendation from most conservatory companies. The style is easy to adapt for smaller properties, and the straightforward design means it works well with most types of bungalow.

Box Gutter


One of the most straightforward and affordable ways to link a conservatory to your bungalow is to use a box gutter. This will help relieve some of the weight from the conservatory roof, and with the right design it can be attached to the wall or eave of the bungalow.

Edwardian Conservatory


Another popular option the an Edwardian hipped back conservatory with a box gutter. These tend to have a higher ceiling than the lean-to, and are one of the best options for those looking to add the most living space to their property.

Victorian Conservatory

One of the most popular conservatory designs, the Victorian conservatory is perfect for those with small gardens who want to add a conservatory. The style is fairly easy to adapt to bungalows and other low roofed properties, and it works well with the hipped-back roof and the box gutter.

Dwarf Wall Conservatory

A dwarf wall conservatory works well with bungalows as the wall to ceiling glass makes them fairly easy to adapt for low roof structures. The style is popular with those looking for a sill on the inside to allow them to decorate the interior with plants, ornaments and other decorative items.

There are a number of popular of popular styles which will work well with bungalows, so once you have an idea of what you’d like you should speak to a local company to help make the right decision for your property. To help spruce up the interior check out our articles on decorating a small conservatory and our conservatory colour scheme ideas.