Cloakroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Cloakrooms are meant to be quite small in general, but sometimes, you are working with very limited spaces, and you have to make yours extra small. But that does not mean that your cloakroom has to be uncomfortable or feel very tight. You can make your cloakroom seem a little larger than it is or just use your space smartly to get the most out of a small space.

Make Use of Corners


When designing your cloakroom, you may find that the corners take up too much of your space and make it hard to you to allow your cloakroom to feel roomy and comfortable. So why not really use those corners. Your shower can be placed in one corner and your sink in another. And the water closet can go into the next corner.

If you are just placing everything near the center of the walls then you are going to be left with nothing but restrictive corner space to move around in. But if you make smart use of your corners, you can make the rest of the room feel more spacious.

Use Space Behind the Walls


You don’t just have to use your physical cloakroom to make the most of the space you have. You can also use the area behind the walls to recess many of your cloakroom fixtures. The water closet’s tank can be submerged behind the wall, instantly making it more pleasant to the eyes and causing it to take up less space.

And you can recess parts of the sink, like the plumbing, as well as much of the shower. If you have the space behind your walls, you might as well use it and give your cloakroom some extra space you would not have otherwise. Remember that in a small space, any additional space can really help to open up the room, even if that extra space is quite small.

Add Some Colour

Now not every method of making your cloakroom larger involves actually making more space or condensing your fixtures. Sometimes, you can simply give the illusion of more space and trick the eyes. This can be done by adding a dash of colour to your cloakroom.


If everything is the same colour or is simply painted in a monochrome fashion, then it will look quite small. But by adding some variety in the colour, you make the brain believe that there is more space in a confined area than is actually there. You can add colour by making portions of your fixtures a different colour than other parts. The base of your sink can be one colour, while the sink itself is another colour. And these don’t have to be wildly dissimilar colours either. But any variety in the colour scheme is going to make your cloakroom more pleasant to look at and make it feel a bit roomier.

These are just a few of the ways you can add some space or a sense of space to your cloakroom. Even if one of them won’t really work for you, hopefully you will find the inspiration you need from this list to give your small cloakroom that little something extra that makes it seem more spacious.

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