9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas

Do you forget about your ceiling? Does it just get a lick of paint, and that’s it for a couple of years? Perhaps you have an awful, Artex ceiling that you hate?

You could be missing a trick!

Wood never fails to bring warmth and grace to a room. With all the earthy notes of nature, you’re more likely to find wood on the floor than on the ceiling. But wooden ceilings are super-cozy – and can transform the dullest room into a restful retreat.

We’ve searched high and low (but mainly high, obviously) for some fantastic wood ceiling ideas that can bring the outside inside.

Geometric Cladding

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 1
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This stunning use of wood cladding creates fascinating geometric paths of perspective, which can enhance the length of even a small room. The continuation from ceiling to outer shell is a genius touch; especially as the angle of the cladding at 15º on the outside further highlights the depth of the room on the inside. The angular cladding on the kitchen island unifies the entire scheme.

Pockets Of Intrigue

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 2
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This star anise tessellation is utterly spectacular. The complexity of the ceiling design offsets the utter minimalism of the furnishings, drawing the eye upwards, accentuating the height of the room.

The two-tone contrast of the walls is a smart way of transforming the cave-like space into a cozy haven, by psychologically lowering the ceiling. But with such an elaborate piece of architecture sitting over your head, you’ll be hard pushed to look anywhere else.

Scrap Chic

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 3
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There’s no better way to cover up a dodgy ceiling than with this fabulous off-cut idea. If you’re looking for rustic charm, this combination of woods adds real interest to an otherwise unspectacular room. The ceiling fan, here, works perfectly: the color of the blades is echoed randomly throughout the ceiling. Notice that the seemingly random arrangement of planks is quite uniformly blocked in places, providing form and structure to the otherwise casual arrangement of off-cuts.

Logs Of Beauty

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 4
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These suspended logs are a stunning way of bringing a little of the chaos of nature into an otherwise fairly sterile, grey washroom. The uniformity of the perfectly central tiles could look a little too flawless and unhomely, were it not for the random beauty of the logs from above; bringing real charm to this space. The use of wood throughout the entire room contrasts with the flat perfection of the greys, while the aluminum of the hand-dryers sit in perfect symmetry and line with the three mirrors, providing a stream of water rushing through the earthen woods. This space represents a perfect combination of metals, woods, glass and rattan.

Intimacy In Large Spaces

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 5
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Tall ceilings can give a room all the intimacy of a corporation car-park. Open-plan living is extremely popular, especially in ultra-modern homes with large expanses of space. However, these suspended wooden panels create an intimate zone within an otherwise colossal space. The polished wood of the ceiling is continued in the crossbar and the side unit. A stylish way to transform concrete slabs into uber-cosy micro-zones.

Wall To Ceiling

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 6
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This wood paneling is a beautiful way of bringing nature into sterile spaces. The floating lavatory appears to hover in this narrow water closet, but the paneling is a cheap and effective way of contrasting the dull flatness of a painted wall. The thin strips that reach from the floor and travel all the way up to the ceiling are a great way of creating a sense of spaciousness in a tiny cloakroom. Continuing the panel motif up onto the ceiling is a masterstroke because it accentuates the length of the room without making it feel in any way claustrophobic.


9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 7
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Creating patterns with cladding is an excellent way of generating interest and directing the eye in a small- to medium-sized space. The furniture picks up on the dark chestnut ceiling, and the exposed tungsten bulb suggests industrialist brutality while maintaining a sophisticated, contemporary nod to the past. The angular cladding successfully demands attention and interest, perfect for unconventionally-shaped spaces. The spiral staircase is the cherry on the top of this super chic bar space that could easily be adapted for the home.

Feature Cladding

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 8
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The exposed wooden cladding accentuates the length of this super-stylish kitchen, adding a fabulous contrast to the stark white of the units and furniture. The regular angularity of the kitchen island is reflected motifically throughout the entire space, while the narrow window strip is a smart echo to the thin strips of cladding on the ceiling. This kitchen could easily have felt quite cold, uniform and clinical if it wasn’t for the natural variation in the wood used for the ceiling; exposed by its grain and color variety. A really eye-catching use of natural color against a canvas of potential sterility.

70s Chic

9 Cozy Wood Ceiling Ideas 9
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Tongue and groove is totally retro, and this clever use of wood introduces some much-needed color to contrast with the flat, deep brown of the feature wall. The 70s-inspired sideboard has been chosen for its matching hue, along with the wooden picture frame, containing predominant oranges and browns. The 70s feel is further reinforced by the stark white of the paper lantern, and the tub chairs that echo the famous Hanging Egg seat. The white of the gladioli reflects the white of the lantern, perfectly pulling together a great contrast between light and dark.

So, what do you think? Are there areas of your home that could do with a lift? Could you see your home transformed with the beauty of natural wood? Let us know what you think and share with your friends.

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