5 Nice Vaulted Ceiling Shelf Decorating Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a vaulted ceiling in your home, don’t let it go to waste. Vaulted ceilings are a unique architectural feature that provides an arched shelf-like area between the wall and the ceiling, and there are a multitude of ways to decorate this space.

We have put together five nice vaulted ceiling shelf decorating ideas to help you make the most of this feature in your home.

Welcome Vaulted Ceiling Shelf

This is an excellent way to decorate a vaulted ceiling shelf in your living room to set the tone for your home. The centerpiece here is a clock with a modern and straightforward welcome sign.

Around it, you can place simple showpieces that show your personality. For instance, you can place an ornament with the first letter of your name or your initials.

Rustic Antique Shelf

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If you have a collection of vintage antiques, then you can place them on your vaulted ceiling shelf to create a distinct rustic appeal. We love the weathered vases in muted, earthy tones and the small birdhouse made of distressed wood.

Match the textures and colors of the decor on your vaulted ceiling shelf with the rest of your room to create a beautiful and cohesive look.

Lit up Vaulted Ceiling Shelf

This collection of decor pieces made of elegant metal cutwork forms a great set of objects to place on your vaulted ceiling shelf. The dark tones in all the pieces really make the shelf stand out from the rest of the room. The string lights peeping through are an excellent way to highlight the vaulted ceiling shelf.

Pop of Color Vaulted Ceiling

If you have followed an elegant all-white color palette for the rest of your space, then your vaulted ceiling shelf is a great way to add an accent to the room. This collection of vases adds a bold pop of color that creates a unique and modern visual appeal for the room.

Dark Highlight Vaulted Ceiling

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This idea shows how you can use paint to create a stunning contrast between the vaulted ceiling and the rest of the room. The little triangle of brown in between the cream walls and white ceiling creates an accent that stands out and complements the dark brown furniture in the room.

Decorate this vaulted ceiling shelf with natural or artificial plants as the green color will look beautiful with the earthy brown tones.

Those were our five ideas for how to creatively decorate your vaulted ceiling shelf to add to the aesthetic and personality of the rest of the room.

Let us know which one of these ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this with your friends so that they too can make the most of your vaulted ceilings!