5 Tasteful Vaulted Ceiling Ledge Decorating Ideas

Vaulted ceiling ledges add some extra space to your home, but they can also be confusing when decorating and making use of that space.

If you have similar ledges in your house but don’t quite know what to do with them, go through this list of vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas so that you get a few ideas that you can then pick and apply to your own home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Vaulted Ceiling Ledge Decorating Ideas 1
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This ledge adds a bright and aesthetic appeal to the room. Decorated with vintage white and cream lamp holders along with a couple of plant pots and vases, this vaulted ledge adds an elegant and natural look to the entire room.

The wreathed letter framed in the middle of the ledge adds a more personal touch to the rest of the room.

Homely Warmth

This vaulted ceiling ledge emphasizes the warmth of coming home. Along with a block of letters that spell ‘home’, this ledge also comprises other paraphernalia, all of which work well together in terms of their dark mahogany colors.

These objects include a candle, a cage, and a painting, but you can use whatever you want to display there, such as souvenirs from travel destinations.

Comfort and Inspiration

Vaulted Ceiling Ledge Decorating Ideas 3
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The brightness of this ledge beautifully matches the colors of the rest of the room. With a strategically placed clock with an inspirational quote right below it, this ledge is decorated in a way to provide comfort and motivation.

The warmth and homeliness are further highlighted with the block letters spelling ‘family.’ The vases placed at the corner complement the color scheme of the ledge beautifully as well.

Festive Decor

Vaulted Ceiling Ledge Decorating Ideas 4
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This ledge successfully captures the festive spirit with its Christmas-themed elegant decor. Furnished with a wreath, a festive basket, a candelabrum, and other similar objects, this ledge has cleverly been utilized to enhance the Christmas decorations.

It also appears wonderfully color coordinated with a uniform palette of black, green, and silver. We think that this is perfect for special occasions.

Antique and Dignified

Vaulted Ceiling Ledge Decorating Ideas 5
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This is another ledge that perfectly matches the rest of the room in terms of the objects and colors used for decoration. In fact, the ledge insists on an antique look for its entire area.

It tastefully combines a multitude of vintage clocks and suitcases, complete with a nicely potted plant and a wooden chair-like framework. These colors of vintage and wooden brown with the pop of green present dignified choices as well.

Now that you know about these five diverse ideas, you can apply them to your own vaulted ceiling ledge as well. Feel free to share your thoughts with us using the comment section below. You can also share this list with your loved ones to give them great ideas too.