5 Stunning Recessed Ceiling Paint Ideas

A recessed ceiling, also known as a tray ceiling, is created when the central portion of the ceiling is at a higher elevation than the rest.

Far from being boring or challenging as considered by many, this can be a great design opportunity to give a new texture and feel to your home.

Here are a few recessed ceiling paint ideas to beautifully make the most of the recessed ceiling in your home.

Go Classic with Black and White

Black and white never fail to create magic. If you have a recessed ceiling, we suggest interplaying black and white to make a beautiful ceiling for your home.

The corners can be painted black, while the central portion can be white. You can also add a beautiful chandelier in the center to give the room a more opulent feel. Make sure to add a touch of black to the chandelier to keep the color combination consistent.

Grey and White Together Can Seldom Go Wrong

Grey and white together look great, and this combination has stood the test of time. It is integrated into both traditional and modern homes because of its ability to blend with all design sensibilities.

Keep the center white and paint grey on the edges. If it is the bedroom, go for a small chandelier and let the color combination take center stage.

Make sure to align the rest of the decor with the grey and white of the ceiling. Keep it simple!

Create Drama with Brown

Recessed Ceiling Paint Ideas 3
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This is for those who love all things wood and have a lot of wood in the decor. A tray ceiling with brown will add some more drama to the space while perfectly complementing the wooden decor.

Make sure to add some contrast with a little bit of white to not appear too overwhelming.

Go for Carved Designer Ceiling

If you want to take a break from the regular painted ceilings, go for a carved designer ceiling. The design gives the tray ceiling an opulent feel, making it stand out.

However, you must be cautious not to go overboard in adding the rest of the decor elements. Too many design elements and patterns and colors can make the place look congested and cluttered.

Decorate the Tray Ceiling with a Stencil

Opt for an interesting pattern for the tray ceiling and accomplish that using stencils. An assortment of designs and shapes will further accentuate the color and feel of the ceiling.

If you are investing in a gorgeous ceiling, let it speak by keeping other elements muted.

We hope these design inspirations have struck a chord with you. Use them in your next home revamp!