5 Inspiring Hanging Fabric from Ceiling Ideas

Fabrics are a great way to add personality and decor to any room, be it through curtains, bedsheets, or tapestries. One beautiful use of fabric that often goes ignored is hanging fabric from ceilings.

Draping fabric across your ceiling can help you completely change the look of your room, hide an unfinished ceiling or simply make the room airier and cooler. We’ve put together this list of five hanging fabric from ceiling ideas that will inspire you to make this decor trend a part of your life too!

Simple White Fabric Ceiling

If you are lucky enough to have a loft with a high ceiling, this idea will help you take that beautiful space to the next level. Hang large strips of light, white fabric from the ceiling to form this slanted canopy for the entire room.

When hung from a ceiling, something as simple as a plain white fabric can completely transform a space and make it look so much more soothing and expansive.

Ruffled Fabric Ceiling

Hanging Fabric From Ceiling Ideas 2
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Gathering a large fabric over a small area like this will create a lovely ruffled canopy. This is a great way to create a cozy nook in any part of your house. Transform a tiny and otherwise drab room into a haven of comfort by hanging this gathered fabric from the ceiling.

Vintage Scarf Ceiling

Hang numerous vintage scarfs or any other translucent, colorful, and patterned fabric you have lying around to form this unique and stunning fabric ceiling. This idea will help you create an eccentric and charming space that is perfect for recreation and rest.

We love how the different colors and patterns diffuse the light in the room to create an almost mystical atmosphere.

Ornate Tapestry Ceiling

This idea is perfect for celebrations and parties, but if you are someone who loves unapologetically fancy decor, you can use this in your everyday life. This idea uses ornately embroidered or patterned fabric to hang across the ceiling.

Creating this kind of fabric ceiling will give your room a beautiful and regal appearance.

Twinkling Fabric Ceiling

Hanging Fabric From Ceiling Ideas 5
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This idea uses light and translucent white fabric which is draped on the ceiling over the bed like a canopy. String lights are arranged on top of the fabric to create a charming and beautiful resting space.

This idea incorporates hanging fabric in a more contemporary and understated manner and is perfect if you are looking to add a unique touch to your bedroom decor.

Those were our five ideas for hanging fabric from the ceiling that will help you transform any space no matter what aesthetic you are going for. Let us know which one of these hanging fabrics from ceiling ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this list with your friends to inspire them too!