5 Luxurious Ceiling Medallion Paint Ideas

Ceiling medallions are wonderful ways of making your room look luxurious and opulent. By simply painting them in colors of your choice, you can beautifully emphasize your ceiling by installing this medallion and hanging a shapely chandelier between it.

To give you some ideas about adding tasteful opulence to your room, we have made this list of ceiling medallion paint ideas to help you figure out color schemes or simply to get those ideas churning. Let’s begin!

Scrolled and Handcrafted

This scrolling and winding handcrafted medallion can instantly serve as a lavish base for your chandelier or hanging light fixture. Polished with gold paint, this ceiling medallion is perfect if you want to go for a simultaneously plush, rich, and soft aesthetic for your room.

The center hole also leaves sufficient space for you to hang your chandelier.

Gold Lace Patters

This is another wonderful ceiling medallion with lace patterns. Made with metal sheets and painted with polished gold, this medallion emits a palatial brightness and focus.

Combined with a gorgeous chandelier that can hang from its center, this fixture is a beautiful accompaniment that can offer a glaze and shine to the rest of the room.

Colorful and Ornate

This beautiful medallion lets its colors speak for itself. Painted with lovely shades of sky blue and gold and flowers with green, purple, and orange, this medallion is detailed, intricate, and ornate without being overbearing.

This can highlight a plain white ceiling exceptionally well, especially when combined with an understated, antique, and sophisticated chandelier.

Embellished and Distinct

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This medallion with a polished mold is perfectly painted with a combination of dark green and gold with hints of blue and pink in the flowers. This combination is classic, stylish and luxurious.

Painted with oil, we think that this medallion can add a nice depth to your ceiling when working in tandem with the chandelier, especially against a simple ceiling color.

Graceful and Chic

We truly love this graceful medallion. With the chandelier, wallpapers, and ceiling designs, this medallion makes the room look antique and contemporary at the same time.

Painted with a soft blue that brings out its intricacies, this medallion looks lovely with the brown-framed chandelier with blue lampshades. Blue is abundant in this room without being overwhelming since it is used in such clever combinations.

There you have it! These were some exquisite ceiling medallion paint ideas that you can use to spruce up your own ceiling and room decor. This will add grandness and taste to your room in a range of ways.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, and experiences that you would like to share, we’d love to know them through the comment section below. You can also share these ideas with your loved ones to spread the medallion agenda.