5 Customized Angled Ceiling Closet Ideas

Some designs are more challenging than others, some projects more demanding. However, this challenge is also what makes the end result rewarding and may even lead to beautiful design inspirations.

One such element is the slanted ceiling. You don’t have to leave the space underutilized – it’s a great way to install a DIY closet and get creative with designing a closet that is unique to you.

Here are a few angled ceiling closet ideas to make your life easy.

Slanted Ceiling Closets Are Spacious and Sleek

Slanted ceilings can leave a lot of space in the room. This can be very well used to create a closet that is not only spacious but also looks great.

Instead of installing a closet elsewhere in the room, or buying a ready-made one, use the space left by a slanted ceiling to construct a big closet for your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Add a mirror to the closet to save installing a dressing table.

Separate Closets for Clothes and Shoes

Angled Ceiling Closet Ideas 2
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Use the space created by the slanted ceiling by carving out two distinct closets. Use the vertical space to create a shoe rack with the horizontal for hanging clothes and keeping other wearables.

Add a couple of decor elements to the closets to seamlessly integrate them into the room’s decor.

Slated Closet with a Lot of Compartments

A clever design is all about maximizing the available space in the most beautiful manner. More often than not, slanted ceilings are considered a headache for designers.

However, you can use the space judiciously by creating a compartmentalized closet. Give the closet a chic exterior by choosing an element that goes well with the rest of the decor.

Make sure to add several compartments to the closet so that you can keep your belongings neatly in one place without having to declutter stuff every day.

Perfect Opportunity to Create a Walk-in Closet

Slanted ceilings provide the perfect opportunity to create the dream walk-in closet you have wanted all your life.

The space created by the slanted ceiling is perfect for designing a walk-in closet. If you are feeling lost, you can consult a good designer who knows how to use small spaces in the best ways.

Attic Closet Is Both Beautiful and Functional

Angled Ceiling Closet Ideas 5
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Use the space left by the slanted ceiling to create a beautiful attic closet that houses all your belongings in an organized manner. Make sure to add rods for clothes to give the closet a neater appearance.

With the above ideas, we are sure you would be convinced that the slanted ceiling in your home is not a headache but a blessing in disguise to unleash the artist in you.