Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

There’s something about the aroma of fresh-ground coffee, it’s almost as good as sipping the delightful end result. If you’ve got excellent taste, you’ll probably enjoy yours brewed in a classic French press.

But are you getting the most out of your favourite beans? To do so, you need the best coffee grinder for French press.

Fall In Love With Coffee All Over Again, Without Apology

If you’re a die-hard coffee fan, here’s some amazing news: coffee could be the next big thing. You’re choosing a new coffee grinder at the perfect time and getting the right one matters more than you might think.

Harvard Research, Bali, and a Coffee Freak

There’s always been contradictory information about coffee. But now research points to some major health benefits like increased life expectancy. Research carried out by The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health studied over 200’000 men and women for 30 years. In short, the benefits are thought to be down to certain compounds a coffee bean holds.

Amazing Health Benefits

But Asher Yaron on the island of Bali says the best health benefits of coffee are only just being discovered. He’s the co-creator of FREAK, and is in the coffee farming business in Bali, home to the Arabica coffee plant.

Give Your Coffee Beans The Royal Treatment: Choose The Right Grinder

Now we can all enjoy drinking more coffee, it’s time to perfect the art of coffee making. We know quality beans matter, but what about how to grind them properly and what we brew them in?

Is A French Press The Best Way To Brew Coffee?

If you’ve ever handled a cafe-style coffee machine, or had to master one of those fancy home editions, you’ll probably worship your French press more than ever. There’s arguably no easier way than simply pouring boiling water, waiting a few minutes, pressing the plunger down and then serving it. The French press is a timeless classic for good reason: it makes an exquisite cup of coffee. They’re also super easy to clean.

How To Choose A Coffee Grinder For Your French Press

It’s easy to be dazzled by the amount of coffee grinders on the market. You may like shiny things, or flashy things or advance things like voice recognition ‘grind my coffee beans, please’. But really, there are a few simple, key features to bear in mind, then the rest is up to you.

Mechanics: Blade Versus Burr

It’s said that burr grinders provide better quality because they crush rather than chop. By crushing, you get more of the flavoursome oils (and compounds) trapped inside your coffee beans. But unless you’re a real fanatic, blades work perfectly fine and usually cost less.

Even Coffee Grounds

Getting the right coarseness is key to producing great coffee for your French press. Too smooth and it will make your plunger hard to push through the mass, and then it will leave sludge in your coffee cup.


Some coffee grinders can be particularly loud, like a grass strimmer. If coffee is part of your gentle morning awakening, then make sure you buy a quiet-ish grinder (if possible).

Easy To Use

One of the reasons millions of people use a French press is because they are a simple but effective device. The same should go for your grinder. Do you want to have to read an instruction manual?

Safe And Easy To Clean

No explanation required

Value For Money

You could spend thousands of pounds on perfecting your coffee making process. But what counts for most people is getting the best quality for the best price, right?

Quality And Durability

You’ll use it most days, maybe several times a day, so your coffee grinder needs to be well-made and very robust.

Electric Versus Manual Grinders

Traditional manual coffee grinders always get a second glance in a kitchen because they look more ornate than practical, expensive too. Yet, more often than not, they cost a fraction of their electric cousin’s price and work just as well.

Practice Makes Perfect Coffee

You can get both blade and burr in both manual and electric models, but some manual grinders need a bit of stamina and practice to master. Electric grinders are simpler to operate and should produce the right coarseness on a recommended setting.

Can You Be Bothered?

This one’s going to come down to preference. Most pieces of modern equipment need to be plugged in. Of course, when coffee grinders were conceived, there wasn’t mains electricity. Since then, most people prefer convenience, they want things done faster. Electric devices have become the norm, but it doesn’t always mean they’re better.

If You Love Using Your Hands…

When you’re deciding whether electric or manual is best, it depends on how hands-on you are. Manual grinders take some effort, but good ones are worth the patience. Electric ones should be effortless, but not nearly as much fun.

So, What Makes The Perfect Grind For A French Press?

Do you know the secrets to producing the perfect ground coffee? Ultimately, this is what it all boils down to. If you wanted mediocre coffee you’d just buy instant, or ready-ground packs from the supermarket. But you appreciate quality coffee beans and deserve the finest cup of coffee. Getting the grounds right is make or break – simple.

Here’s Our Review Of The Best Coffee Grinders For Your French Press

The only way to know which grinder will get the most out of your bean is to see what other coffee connoisseurs have discovered:

Best Electric Grinders For French Press

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

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Featuring stainless steel blades, the Krups grinder has an oval design and holds enough beans to produce 12 cups of coffee. Being a well-known, quality brand, this is a nicely marketed product boasting all the regular accolades like ‘precision, ingenuity and unwavering craftsmanship’. How good is it?


  • Durable: many Krups grinders are still going strong after a decade.
  • Fast: strong blades powered by a 200-watt motor make quick work of grinding beans.
  • Good value: for less than £15, it’s priced fair for a blade grinder of its quality.


  • Uneven grounds: unfortunately, for some people, the Krups grinder struggles to grind coffee beans equally, producing a grit-like consistency.
  • Hard to clean: despite its oval shape, getting access to the parts which gather the most residue isn’t easy.


This is one of those devices that you’ll either love or loathe. It’s possible that this particular Krups model isn’t as good as its predecessors, or a few buyers just got bad ones.

Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder, Electric Blade Coffee Grinder

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Available in a choice of colours, the Bodum Bistro grinder looks great with its minimal, modern design. Although it’s compact, equipped with a stainless steel blade, it still boasts to grind up enough beans to produce 8 cups of coffee. A nice feature is its transparent lid, so you can see it in action and gauge when you’re done. It’s a popular grinder, why?


  • Powerful: equipped with an 150W motor, it chops through beans quickly.
  • Great price: for a mid-price economy grinder, it does its job and is a nice little piece of equipment to have in your kitchen.
  • Quiet-ish: it could be the rubber, but it gets a thumbs up for being relatively quiet


  • Difficult to clean: if the bowl came out it would be so much easier to clean.
  • Quantity: although they boast 8 cups, this must be espressos because for a standard-sized cuppa you’d be lucky to get more than 3 cups’ worth.


A decent and aesthetically pleasing little coffee grinder. It produces even grounds at the push of a button and functions like the designer says it does.

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder

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In a similar style to a cocktail shaker, the Quiseen One-Touch is a great-looking piece of kit. Its ergonomic shape paired with a grippy surface keeps it sturdy in the hand. Although it’s an economy-range coffee grinder, it boasts to be tough enough to chop nuts and grains too. So, are its ‘durable stainless steel blades’ up to the job?


  • Hard to clean: despite its oval shape, getting access to the parts which gather the most residue isn’t easy.
  • Quiet: Finally, a grinder that won’t wake the house up. It’s not silent, but it does sound like it’s being used inside a cupboard.
  • Fast: being quiet doesn’t mean there’s no powerful motor tucked under the hood.
  • Great value: it stands up well against some more expensive models.


  • Great value: it stands up well against some more expensive models.
  • Start button: although it’s a great safety feature, it would be almost perfect if there was a ridge or a ‘click’ so you knew it was lined-up.
  • Cord: there needs to be a better way to make it neat and tidy.


A brilliant all-rounder. It produces even grounds, looks smart in your kitchen, and will make your home or office smell like a coffee house.

Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder

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This is a nice cafe-style grinder equipped with a burr grinding disc ‘like the pros use’. Packed with features and multiple settings, it’s easy to see why it’s the most expensive on the list. Let’s break it down:


  • Simple to operate: just choose one of 17 settings and hit start. The Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder does the rest.
  • Easy to clean: As you’d expect for the price, this grinder has a slide-out tray and removable parts for easy cleaning.
  •  Well-made: the makers boast this to be a very robust machine, offering a 2-year warranty.
  • Auto shut-off: stops grinding when reached desired consistency.


  • Inconsistent: some beans are still almost intact and seem to get lodged, causing a residue build-up.
  • Coffee dust: appears to be more powder than expected from a quality burr grinder. That’s okay for espressos, but problematic for French press.


A professional-looking piece of equipment for the money, it would look smart in any home. There’s plenty of settings, but maybe it’s unnecessary if you enjoy the simplicity of using a French press.

Best Manual Grinders For French Press

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

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Armed with a ceramic conical burr, this neat little manual grinder produces enough coffee for two. Perfect for trips away or the occasional coffee drinker who appreciates a fresh brew. The makers have crafted it based on Japanese cookware and take pride in its engineering:


  • 18 settings: an impressive amount of settings for a device without power.
  • High-quality: burr plates and other well-made parts make it effective and robust.
  •  Easy to use: an intuitive design, even has a removable handle for storage.


  • Brand-specific: although the grounds are okay for a French press, it was designed for AeroPress machines.
  • Too little coffee: it’s great for travelling light, but if you like regular coffees you might get fed up when the novelty wears off.


If you like gadgets and want to add to your coffee paraphernalia, then the JavaPresse is a nice toy to have. It works great, and its quality is reflected by its higher price, which seems worth it.

Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Grinding Mill

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This is a beautiful coffee grinder. Combining traditional and contemporary design, not only will it get lots of attention, its ceramic burr mill produces nice, even grounds. Best of all, it’s a decent size. The manufacturers make no great claims, so we’ll see:


  • Quick-ish: manual grinders, by nature require patience. But this one takes about 2 minutes.
  • Consistent grounds: there’s a choice of settings to produce coarse grounds, great for a French press.
  • Robust: it feels sturdy and has a silicone matt to help it grip to the counter.
  • Looks authentic: Easily one of the nicest-looking coffee grinders.


  • Some dust: there’s no static, but a little coffee dust collects in places, But it’s easy to remove.
  • Takes practice: prepare for a little arm work-out, you’ll be fine after a few days.
  • Top-heavy: although it doesn’t wobble, the top is bigger than the bottom.


For less than £15, this is a lovely coffee grinder. Because it’s bigger than many manual grinders, some might prefer it to using an electric, plus it’s definitely quieter.

EZE Homegoods Hand Coffee Grinder & Coffee Press

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Another pepper-mill style grinder, the EZE Hand Burr model is marketed as portable and lightweight. Great for camping and power-outs, it’s made from quality materials and works a treat.


  • Cleans easy: simple to take apart and reassemble.
  • Speedy: the manufacturer claims you can grind a cup’s worth in a minute.
  • Nice price: compared to similar models, EZE’s burr hand grinder is pretty cheap.


  • Durability: despite ‘new & improved’ components, some buyers reported theirs breaking.
  • Designed to fit AeroPress: makes it one of the smaller models on the market.


For an economy manual coffee grinder it’s priced fairly, especially with a burr mill. As EZE Homegoods say, it’s perfect for taking on the road. But if it breaks, you’ll be off to the coffee shop.

Inspero Trading Manual Coffee Grinder

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Weighing only 350g, Inspero Trading’s slim coffee grinder is lightweight, but made from quality materials, it’s strong too. With coarse-control settings, Inspero promise a fresh and aromatic cup of coffee with little effort. True?


  • Cleans easily: with only 4 parts, it’s easy to take apart and a breeze to clean.
  • Sturdy design: a nicely crafted stainless steel grinder that feels more expensive than it is.
  • Modest size: The pepper-mill style design is slightly bigger than similar models.


  • Settings: there’s no clear indication what results the settings produce, so it’s trial and error to start with.
  • Quantity: Although it’s bigger than the others we’ve discussed, it still doesn’t make much coffee for the effort.


This is a neat little coffee grinder which produces grounds suitable for a French press. If you’re short on space, it would be a perfect addition to your bijou lifestyle.

So, What Is The Best Coffee Grinder For French Press?

All the models we’ve discussed serve their purpose. In reality, professional coffee grinders which produce consistent, commercial-grade grounds cost hundreds of pounds. To expect the same from low-priced grinders is unrealistic. Yet, some have impressed us. The clear winners of the round-up are:

For electric, Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder, and for manual, Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Grinding Mill.

Why are they so awesome?

Both models stand out from the rest due to their overall design, performance and excellent value for money. It’s always nice when low-cost doesn’t mean low quality. Thanks to these two, you don’t need to be rich or visit a fancy cafe to enjoy your favourite coffee. Now all you need to do is find the perfect bean.