5 Pretty Tinker Bell Bedroom Ideas

If you have a kid who is obsessed with Tinker Bell, why not give them the bedroom of their dreams. And a small token in the form of a wall sticker perhaps in their room is not a bad idea to start with. Here are five Tinker Bell bedroom ideas.

3D Tinker Bell Wall Sticker

This is a non-toxic PVC wall sticker following the fairy Tinker Bell theme. It is made of eco-friendly vinyl and inks, and can stick to any surface like walls, tiles, mirrors, and windows.

It is also easy to peel and comes off without leaving any residue or damage on the surface. These wall stickers are the perfect way to decorate your kids’ bedroom, and if you don’t mind, they look pretty good in the living room too.

Removable Tinker Bell Vinyl Sticker

Our second choice is a removable vinyl sticker which comes in two sizes. The design comes in a range of colors so that you can match it to the color scheme of the room.

You can send the manufacturer a message telling them your choice of colors, and if you don’t, they will send you the default option, which is black. These stickers are quite easy to apply, and while they last a long time, they don’t make a fuss if you choose to remove them.

Mirrored Decorative Tinker Bell Wall Sticker

This one is a decorative wall sticker made of acrylic, and it gives a cool mirror effect to the wall. There is a protective film on the sticker, which must be peeled off before you stick it to the wall.

It is an eco-friendly and safe product that will keep the kids away from chemicals. The sticker is easy to paste and remove. You won’t see any smudge marks of sticker border on the wall once you take it off.

Tinker Bell Custom Name Sticker

If you wanted to decorate your baby girl’s room with a custom sticker that spells out her name, well then this is the one. It is a name sticker made of PVC.

You can use it on any smooth surface and it can resist moisture, shocks, and pressure. Decor-wise, it fits well in any room of the house, and it is easy to apply too.

3D Illusion Tinker Bell LED Lamp

If you were looking for something more than a regular wall sticker, check this one out. It is a 3D visual lamp with night lights that make it glow in the dark. In reality, it is a glass plate that looks like a photo.

You can charge it with a USB cable or a power bank. It has seven colors and a flashing mode too. Whether you want to decorate your house or give it as a gift, this is a pretty cool choice.

On the theme of Tinker Bell, these were some of the cool things we found. If you like them, give us a thumbs up on social media with a like and share. If you have more ideas, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.