5 Out of This World Spaceship Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking for some quirky decor ideas for the kids’ bedroom? There is nothing more creative than turning your child’s bedroom into a spaceship.

It will churn your child’s imagination, induce creativity and make things fun. Here are a few spaceship bedroom ideas to bring a smile to the face of your children.

Create a Microcosm of Space in the Bedroom

Spaceship Bedroom Ideas 1
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To create a truly spaceship-themed bedroom, you need to bring all elements from space down to earth.

Don your creative hat and jot down everything that you associate with space. Now think of how you can incorporate these into the design scheme of the bedroom.

Some suggestions include a space-themed rug, some installations of planets on one of the walls, and a deep blue color on the walls.

Get Creative with the Wallpaper and Decor

A space-themed wallpaper is easy to procure and beautiful to look at. It will also instantly add a spaceship vibe to the room.

Play with colors and these should be reflective of the colors associated with space. Go with deeper tones such as blue and red.

Love drama? Why not add a rocket-like statement decor piece to truly transport everyone who comes to the room away from the earth?

Install a Spaceship Shaped Bed

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One of the best ways to give your room the vibe of a spaceship is to add a bed that looks like one.

You simply need to get in touch with designers who can carve out a bed that looks like a spaceship. Once you have that sorted, the rest of the elements can be as simple or as dramatic as you want.

Alternately, you can also design your study table in the shape of a spaceship if you want to keep the bed simple.

Our advice will be just to have one decor element scream space for the best effect.

Far from the Madding World

Unleash the hidden astronaut in your child by aligning all design elements to elements of space.

Choose a bed that resembles a rocket and accessorize it by adding fluorescent tube lights to create a magical effect.

The vivid elements in the bedroom should be countered by keeping bed sheets white and muted.

A Galaxy of Your Own

Spaceship Bedroom Ideas 5
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Create a happy, vibrant space by suspending faux planets from the ceiling. Add toys in the room that look like astronauts from the other world.

You can even go for bold bedsheets to finish the look.

Those were a few ideas that we could think of to help you design your child’s bedroom creatively. Try some of these ideas and see the hidden explorer in your child come out and revel in the masterpiece you have created.