5 Rustic Southwestern Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

The southwestern style of decorating has been around for some time, but it is only now that people are celebrating it the way it deserves to be.

This rustic decor style has a unique charm to it and can be easily incorporated consistently throughout the house or a particular room or area.

Here are a few southwestern decorating ideas for the bedroom to change the look and feel of your space.

Southwestern and Chic

The best part about giving your bedroom a southwestern makeover is that you can really play with colors and patterns.

Go for a neutral base for your bedroom and sprinkle some southwestern style in the form of the right accessories. This could be a vintage trunk that can be the center of attention or a classic rug.

Southwestern decor is about adding a rustic charm to your space. You can achieve this by contrasting your neutral walls with wooden accessories. The combination of beige, white, and cream works wonders with the rustic tan.

Go Back in Time

Pay homage to yesteryears by incorporating bold prints and patterns in your bedroom decor.

Go for rustic decor elements such as a tan side table, rugged windows, and top it up with bold, striking beddings and comforter to cast a southwestern spell on your bedroom.

Create Your Very Own Rustic Haven

The skull motif is an integral part of the southwestern decor. Most often than not, people tend to use these loud elements in their living room, but you can totally play with the motif in your bedroom.

After all, decorating a space as intimate as your bedroom is all about using whatever reflects your personality and best resonates with you.

Finish the decor by adding a couple of furnishings reminiscent of a mountain hut and you are good.

Let the Bedding Do the Talking

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Tribal-inspired beddings with bold patterns can be a striking addition to your southwestern bedroom.

Just add a couple of paintings to the decor to make it a truly rustic and southwestern decor haven. The boho vibes it generates will be enough to lull you into sleep.

Marry the Old with the New

The Hollywood movies you binge watched as a child are a great source of inspiration for southwestern decor. Draw inspiration from cow motifs – you can incorporate this in the form of paintings and rugs.

A neutral base with standout elements exuding rustic charm will be an example of a perfect marriage between the old and the new.

Southwestern decor style incorporates earthy elements and juxtaposes them with neutral walls to create an impact. Cowhide rugs, Aztec prints, and rugged furniture pieces are hallmarks of southwestern style you must absolutely invest in while revamping your space.