5 Unusual Rope Light Ideas for Bedrooms

Rope lights are like that new kid on the block who has everyone in awe. Apart from the fact that rope lights are incredibly charming, the biggest reason designers are getting drawn towards them is their efficiency.

They look beautiful and have a low-heat output that makes them a safe option as opposed to incandescent lamps.

Besides, they are environmentally friendly and do not emit any toxic heavy metals. This makes them a great option for the bedroom because that is a place to unwind.

Here are a few rope light ideas for bedroom renovation you must try.

Micro Light Decoration Is a Big Hit

Micro rope lights add a distinct charm to your bedroom without creating the mess that fairy lights do at times.

Micro rope lights are armed with small lights installed at regular intervals which can be operated by small batteries.

They look great in the bedroom and can be easily moved out if there is a need.

Clove Round Rope Wrap

If you are a stickler for a vintage vibe, you must trade in your bedroom lamps for the chic clove round rope wrap.

They are gorgeous to look at and will be a robust addition to your bedroom. The
best part about these lights, however, is that they look great with any type of interior decor.

Handmade Rope Light Is Precious

Don’t look around for expensive lamps for your side table. Instead, go rustic and opt for a handmade rope light that can double up as a table lamp and a wall lamp.

It is simple, sober, and sophisticated at the same time. You are sure to get compliments from friends and family once they see it in your bedroom.

Table Lamp with a Twist

Roped table lamps are in vogue because of various reasons. First, they are incredibly stylish to look at. Such is their simplicity that it speaks to a broad spectrum of people.

Both those who love understated luxury and those who are all for flash and opulence are likely to find a space for this roped table lamp.

You can either opt for a cotton shade for the lamp or any other shade of your choice.

Rope Pendant Ceiling Light

Hanging rope lights are ideal for those who love a little drama in life. The bedroom is a space to unwind, and these lights charm you into thinking that you are elsewhere, perhaps on vacation.

These are sure to add a rustic touch to your room and transport you to the simpler, idyllic life of the past.

These are some of the ways you can incorporate rope lights in your bedroom.
Let us know if there is any particular idea that stood out for you and what made it so appealing. And please share with your friends and family so that they can revamp their bedrooms too.