8 Creative Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple is a colour associated with royalty, and it’s perfect for a regal and elegant bedroom. We have some purple bedroom ideas here we want to share with you. Every one of these has something different to offer, and we hope you’ll find one here that you fall in love with. If you want some way to spruce up your bedroom and give it some more colour or a new vibe, then one of these may be the way to go.

Dark Hues in Contrast

One of the best colour matchups for bedrooms, we think, is dark purple and white. They create such a beautiful contrast that really brings out the rich hues of the purple and makes for a clean and attractive room.

Luxurious Living

via Real Simple

Everything about this room is designed to look soft. The thick rug, the soft purple shade and the luxurious bedding are all very comforting and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night (or the rest of their life) sleeping in this room?

Shades of Grey

via housetohome.co.uk

This bedroom goes for contrast as well, but in a much softer way, mixing in plenty of grey and silver to offset the purple and white juxtaposition. This creates a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for accenting with natural sunlight.

Modern Pop


If you are looking for more of a modern aesthetic, then this may be the way to go. It uses bright colours, bold design chocies and interesting art chocies to create an engaging design that instantly grabs your attention and excites the eyes.

A Personal Touch

via Torie Jayne

This one takes the purple motif and extends it to decorations. A few different shades of purple make for a more interesting look and ensure the bedroom doesn’t feel too monochromatic. You don’t have to stick to just one shade, after all, and you can still get that regal look that only purple can provide.

Accents of Black

Taking some black fixtures and decorations and mixing them into the white and purple design aesthetic creates an intense mood. This works great with the deep purple shade, and it creates a standout look that is made cosy thanks to plush bedding.

Intricate Designs

via designimbibe.com

A very simple look can be made far more appealing and interesting with the right details. This one uses tree prints and ornate designs on the bedding to give the bedroom a very elegant motif that works well with the luxurious shades of purple.

Candlelit Bedroom

The tree designs from the last one are back again here, but now they stand out against the darker shades of purple and are highlighted by soft candlelight. This is a marriage of the soft and the severe in such a way as to create a striking design.

How many of these looks like they would make for good bedroom designs for you? If you liked any of these, be sure to let us know about it in the comment section. You can also feel free to share your favourites or the entire list on your social networks, so others can get some great bedroom ideas as well.