5 Interesting Pegboard Ideas for Bedrooms

Pegboards are boards into which rows of holes are drilled to insert hooks and hang a variety of objects. Though they were initially used more in garages, nowadays, pegboards have become popular in bedroom decor.

We’ve put together this list of five interesting pegboard ideas for bedroom organization and decor so that you can incorporate this trendy piece into your space.

Pegboard Wall Folders

If you are an organization buff, you will know the value of keeping all your important reminders, calendars, and notes in one place. With this idea, you can use the holes in the pegboard to create a unique wall organization center.

The folders attached to the pegboard are a creative alternative to shelves or bulletin boards. We especially love the phone stand built into the pegboard!

Miscellaneous Pegboard Decor

A pegboard allows you to maximize the use of a space without making the wall look too cluttered. What would typically have looked like a mess comes together as a creative and exciting collection of miscellaneous items that contribute to decor and functionality.

We love how accessories are organized next to beautiful decor pieces like this ship replica.

Quirky White Pegboard

This huge pegboard with tiny holes is a highly versatile organizational tool. It is used here to hang everything from small planter pots to photo frames to a clock.

The white color of the pegboard fits in perfectly with the white desk and shelves below it. The color scheme is maintained throughout, with the same color incorporated in the planter pots to give the pegboard a cohesive look.

Wardrobe Organizer Pegboard

The few hooks on a wardrobe’s door are usually helpful, but they are seldom enough to hang everything you want. This idea uses three pegboard panels on the wardrobe door to get rid of all your organizational woes.

This is the perfect solution to hang all your accessories, including shoes, belts, purses, and you can also add small boxes to keep your jewelry and make-up in the same place.

Pegboard Study Corner

A pegboard can be a great way to organize a study corner for students no matter their age. This adorable pegboard idea in colorful and quirky pastels is an excellent organizational tool and decor piece for a child’s bedroom.

Some of the shelves on the pegboard are used for notebooks and books, while others can be used for various other stationary. We love how this idea has included a small embroidered flower pinned to the pegboard. This is the creativity that can help you make the most of this versatile tool.

Those were our five pegboard ideas for your bedroom which will help you personalize your organization system to suit your decor needs. Let us know which one of these ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this list with your friends to inspire them to get on the pegboard train with you!