5 Stylish Navy Blue and Coral Bedroom Ideas

Navy blue and coral is a color combination that is becoming extremely popular in decor and design, and for a good reason. The colors look stunning together as the calm and understated look of navy blue contrasts with the vibrant coral perfectly.

We have put together this list of five stylish navy blue and coral bedroom ideas so that you can incorporate this trendy color palette in your room decor.

Navy Blue Wall and Coral Bedframe

This is a clean and straightforward way to incorporate navy blue and coral into your bedroom. We love the dark and strong navy blue finish of the wall and how well it contrasts with the bright coral bedframe.

The colors are further accentuated by using other shades of blue in the bedding and the art framed on the walls. The coral cushions also add to the contrast beautifully.

Navy Blue and Coral Patterned Rug

This geometric patterned rug in navy blue and coral will be a stunning centerpiece for your bedroom decor. The white spaces in the carpet, along with the white sheets, prevent the bright colors from being too overwhelming.

The rug fits in harmoniously with the navy blue and coral color scheme used in the wall and the pillows as well.

Navy Blue and Coral Highlights

Navy Blue And Coral Bedroom Ideas 3
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This idea uses small decor pieces to add navy blue and coral highlights to your bedroom decor. We love how a light blue is used as a third complementary color to navy blue and coral. The color scheme is incorporated into patterns that can be used as framed artwork for your walls or as covers for your throw pillows and cushions.

Navy Blue Wall and Coral Patterns

Navy blue is an excellent choice for the walls because of the calming look it gives to any room. The coral highlights are kept from being too bright and busy since they are incorporated into this bedroom through patterns instead of solid chunks. A variety of coral patterns peep through from the bedsheet, the pillow covers, and the curtains.

This is an excellent choice for someone who wants to have a navy blue and coral bedroom but prefers not to have very vibrant solid colors in their space.

Deep Navy Blue Room with Faded Coral

A deep and luxurious navy blue shade shines through in this decor idea. The bold and solid navy blue provides a darker vibrancy to this room through the walls and the bedding. On the other hand, the coral, which is usually bright, is incorporated in a more faded shade to lighten up the color palette of the room.

These were our five stylish navy blue and coral bedroom ideas to help you incorporate this trendy color scheme into your space through timeless designs. Let us know which one of these ideas caught your eye and why.

Feel free to share this list with your friends so that they can get inspired to add some navy blue and coral to their lives too!