5 Fabulous Low Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

A low-vaulted ceiling can appear to be problematic at first, but if you have an eye for design and enjoy simpler things in life, it may be a blessing in disguise.

Here are a few low vaulted ceiling bedroom ideas to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Give Your Bedroom a Swedish Makeover

Swedish people have mastered the art of using low-vaulted ceilings to perfection. Don’t believe us? Just browse through some Swedish home listings!

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom, it might be the perfect time to look to Sweden for inspiration. A low vaulted ceiling is a great place to install creative hanging lights in the bedroom.

You won’t have to invest much in the rest of the decor as the ceiling and chandelier will take center stage.

Juxtapose White and Brown for a Rustic Feel

Low Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas 2
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Use the low vaulted ceiling in your bedroom to create a perfect rustic oasis. Use white and brown to accentuate the look of the bedroom.

Go minimalistic with the decor and let the colors spell their magic. A bed in brown and a side table in brown will look more beautiful when contrasted with the white of the walls and ceiling.

Create a Cozy Nook of Your Own

If you have a low vaulted ceiling in your bedroom, match the furniture to complement the ceiling. This means ditching the bed frame and opting for low-framed furniture to give the room a cozy feel.

If it is a bigger room, why not add stools and furniture made of recyclable materials instead of opting for large, opulent sofas that will overwhelm the frame making the room look congested.

A Creative Cocoon You Will Love

The unique architectural landscape created by a low-vaulted ceiling can be turned into a design delight with the correct planning and execution. Install a big glass window for light to cast a spell and light up the room in a dreamy manner.

Go for softer colors in the room to deliver more with less. A bed, a side table with a beautiful vase, and fresh flowers will be enough to create magic.

Create a Balance Between Work and Play

Low Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas 5
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If you work from your home, you may want to use the low-vaulted ceiling to create a small writer’s corner in your bedroom alongside a simple bed.

This will use the space effectively while creating a charming room of your own.

If you have a low-vaulted ceiling in your room and you’re struggling with how to utilize it beautifully, we hope the above ideas will be a source of inspiration. Let us know if any particular idea speaks to you and what makes it tick.