5 Joyful Girls Bedroom Paint Ideas with Polka Dots

Polka dots have been associated with femininity for a really long time. From dresses to décor, nothing screams feminine more than the right dollops of polka dots.

If you have been planning to create a beautiful bedroom for your little girl, you have come to the right place for inspiration.

Here are a few girl’s bedroom paint ideas with polka dots.

Dots on the Wall

The first thing you must pay attention to is choosing the right color palette. Go for light shades such as white, beige, or cream for the background. Golden dots on a white background create a dreamy sleep haven.

You can choose to cover the whole wall with golden polka dots or create a pattern of your own.

Floor to Ceiling Polka Dot Design

Create a row of uniform polka dots when bathing entire walls with them. Large circles look great and add a distinct drama to the space.

If you go for a slightly darker color for the backdrop, make sure to make the dots in a lighter shade. For instance, white polka dots on a pink background create a soft, feminine atmosphere in the room.

Multicolored Polka Dots

Room for children must have a playful vibe. You can add the right amount of cheer by painting colorful polka dots on a dark or light background.

Accessories such as side tables, lamps, and small cabinets can also be chosen, keeping in mind how they would gel with the polka-dotted walls. Some suggestions include a rainbow doormat, star-themed jars to keep candies in.

Curtains with Polka Dots

If you don’t want to cover the walls with polka dots either via paint or wallpaper but still want to add the design, your best bet is to go for curtains with polka dots.

Experimenting with polka dot curtains adds a subtle polka dot presence in your room.

Cream Illustrated Polka Dot

Girls Bedroom Paint Ideas With Polka Dots 5
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Cream illustrated polka dot wallpaper can strike a perfect balance between chic and sophisticated. It is best suited for those who do not like a riot of colors in the room.

This type of wallpaper also works very well for accessorizing as nothing would be off-limits. You can add a pop of color in the bedroom by adding a vase of flowers, a quirky photo frame on the wall, or even a colorful wall bookshelf.

The ideas are innumerable if only you let your creative instincts lead you.

These are some ideas that we could think of for creating a bedroom replete with polka dots.

You can even integrate polka dots in other elements than the paints by opting for a polka-dot bed, a dotted dresser, or adding a small pile of polka-dotted storage boxes for that vintage allure.