5 Trendy Coral and Grey Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is a space where you go after going through the rigmarole of daily activities. This is why it is imperative the bedroom must exude a calm and peaceful vibe and create a space that is a reflection of your personality.

Color combination is a great way to accentuate the bedroom’s decor. Here are some coral and grey bedroom ideas you can experiment with.

Go for Coral Tufted Headboard

One of the best ways to create a coral bedroom is to opt for a coral tufted headboard. It will instantly elevate the mood of the bedroom. Furthermore, it can easily be balanced with other elements in the decor.

Once you have the headboard sorted, try to include more grey in the bedroom in terms of bed sheets, pillow covers, and the side table.

Simply let the headboard create its charm.

Grey Walls Make the Room Charming

Coral And Grey Bedroom Ideas 2
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Grey walls work beautifully for a bedroom, creating a calm, peaceful demeanor fitting for an intimate space like that.

Our advice would be to keep the decor neutral and only let small elements such as the bedsheets and pillow covers pop out.

If you have a propensity towards drama, add some mirrors on the wall and a muted side table with a vase full of peonies and roses.

Add Color to the Windows

Coral And Grey Bedroom Ideas 3
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If you have large windows in the bedroom, you already have a great place to start. Keep the rest of the decor grey and work on the windows.

Either go for colored glass panes or paint the area around the window in bright coral. You will love to see the end result.

Grey, Black, and Deep Coral Accents

Coral And Grey Bedroom Ideas 4
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Muted shades of grey and black remain a popular choice for homeowners, particularly for the bedroom.

These colors have a calming presence and work as the perfect backdrop to add artsy elements.

The trick is to create your own oasis in the bedroom. Imagine a coral painting on a deep black wall. Likewise, add coral decor elements such as photo frames, cushion covers, and candles to create a beautiful bedroom.

Let the Coral Do the Talking

If you are one of those people who love to change the decor of your bedroom frequently, steer away from painting the wall coral. Instead, play with coral accessories on a more classic shade of paint for the walls.

Bold bedding, pillow throws, a rug or carpet, or even a statement painting are all ways to spruce up the bedroom.

These are some ways we could come up with to help you create a grey and coral bedroom. If these ideas spoke to you, let us know which ones and what about them appealed to you.