5 Ingenious Bookshelf Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Besides storing all your books, a bookshelf can be a great decor piece to display your personality and give character to a room. With a little bit of creativity, you can make use of every bit of space in the tiniest of rooms to have a lovely little bookshelf.

We’ve put together this list of five ingenious bookshelf ideas for small bedrooms so that you can display your book collection with pride!

Ceiling Bookshelf

We love this space-efficient bookshelf idea that will be an excellent choice for your small bedroom. While you might not have enough floor space, there will probably be a lot of unused space under your ceiling, no matter how small your room is.

This simple idea requires just one plank of wood underneath your ceiling to form a creative and elegant bookshelf. The white shelf looks great with the colorful collection of books.

Rotating Bookshelf

Bookshelf Ideas For Small Bedrooms 2
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If you don’t have a lot of floor space for a full-length horizontal bookshelf but have small unused spaces in your room, then this is the choice for you. This creative and intelligent design has multiple shelves layered on top of one another in a circular frame.

The bookshelf rotates completely so that you can access your entire book collection easily. Besides being a great storage solution, this bookshelf will also add interesting visual detail to your room.

Corner Bookshelf

You can install these multiple small bookshelves in any free corner of your small bedroom. We like how the shelves are separate and installed far apart from one another. This is an excellent choice for storing and displaying small volumes like magazines.

This corner bookshelf is also great for storing children’s books and will fit right into a child’s bedroom. Make the most of any unused corner and hang quirky little decor pieces on the shelf to add to its charm.

Tree Bookshelf

This bookshelf idea is architecturally very creative and visually stylish. This contemporary design has multiple planks of wood arranged parallel to each other, coming out from a central panel, almost in the shape of a minimalist tree.

Use this bookshelf idea to make your books shine as a decor piece in your home. Arrange the books by color to create a visually stunning display with this simple bookshelf idea that you can easily build yourself.

Standing Tree Bookshelf

Bookshelf Ideas For Small Bedrooms 5
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This bookshelf idea is similar to the last one, but it is slightly different in terms of its design. Instead of installing the shelves to a central panel mounted onto the wall, this bookshelf design uses a stand.

This bookshelf can be kept in any narrow free space you have in your room. It looks incredibly stylish when built with dark or distressed wood as it gives the bookshelf the look of an actual tree.

With these creative bookshelf ideas, you will be able to find space for your book collection, no matter how small your room is.

Let us know which one of these ideas stood out the most to you and why. Then feel free to share this list with your friends to inspire them to create their own original bookshelf!