5 Nifty Bedroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Now that the pandemic has forced many of us to convert our bedrooms into home offices and classrooms, it is time to take your workspace decor to the next level. Bulletin boards are a great way to organize your ideas, add decor pieces to your wall, and leave important reminders for yourself where you can see them.

We have put together this list of five nifty bedroom bulletin board ideas so that you can stay organized and motivated while you work.

Stunning Fabric Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is created with the simple but stunning idea of using a patterned fabric as the background. We love the floral pattern on this fabric, but you can experiment with any kind of pattern you like to make this bulletin board idea your own. Even when the board is empty, it will serve as a beautiful decor piece for your bedroom.

Three-in-One Bulletin Board

Bedroom Bulletin Board Ideas 2
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This three-in-one bulletin board is an organizational tool sent from heaven. Besides a regular corkboard, it also has a whiteboard for you to jot down your ideas and reminders without any fuss. The calendar panel will also allow you to see your entire month’s plan quickly.

This three-in-one bulletin board idea is excellent for students who can use it to keep track of all their assignment deadlines, tests, and classes.

Fancy Butterflies Bulletin Board

Bedroom Bulletin Board Ideas 3
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This bulletin board has to be the fanciest and most elegant solution to all your organizational woes. Beautiful metallic butterflies surround the frame of this minimalist and yet fashionable bulletin board. This bulletin board will be an excellent choice if you want to keep the workspace in your bedroom looking clean and stylish.

Wall Bulletin Board

Bedroom Bulletin Board Ideas 4
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Instead of hanging up a small bulletin board, you can convert an entire wall to a bulletin board to create a quirky and cozy work corner in your bedroom. This idea uses square corkboard tiles to cover up the whole wall from top to bottom.

This bulletin board will give you ample space to put up posters, artwork, souvenirs, letters, notes, and reminders so that you can decorate your workspace just as you want it!

Beachy Bulletin Board

The frame is what shines through in this simple cork bulletin board. This bulletin board idea calls for you to use warm and natural wood to give your bulletin board a beachy, farmhouse aesthetic appeal. You can also experiment and use distressed wood to create a rustic visual style.

We love how the creamy white color of the wood complements the natural tan color of the corkboard. This bulletin board will look incredibly stunning if your bedroom has a lot of simple monochrome decor.

These were our five bedroom bulletin board ideas to help you organize your workspace while adding your choice of stylish decor.

Let us know which one of these bulletin board ideas stood out to you and why. Also, feel free to share this list with your friends so that they can get inspired too!