6 Clever Basement Bedroom Ideas

Basements are frequently reduced to dumping territory – a space to store all the junk you’ll never use again. It’s a crying shame because the basement represents a fantastic opportunity to add a stylish room to your home and serious bucks to the value of your property.

If you’re running out of space, then consider burrowing downward. It might be cold and damp, but with the proper treatment, the basement could be one of the most inspired bedroom spaces in the entire home. The whole family will be clamoring to move down there.

We’ve searched high and low – but mainly low, naturally – to find inspiring ideas to elevate your subterranean spaces into awe-inspiring boudoirs. A conversion can be expensive, but so can moving – so if you love the space you’re in and don’t have any desire to move on, check out our wonderful basement bedroom ideas for inspiration.


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If the plan is to leave the ceiling in its rustic glory, then you couldn’t go too far wrong with these painted beams, exposing the rafters in all their splendor. The laminate floor is clean and fresh and the perfect sheath for underfloor heating, especially if your basement is liable to winter chills. The exposed brickwork along the far wall is rustic and attractive – when you have a wall that’s so comfortable in its nudity, then there’s no reason to disguise it. Old, crumbling walls require sealing: achieved by applying several coats of diluted PVA, holding back the inevitable dust and producing an attractive, dull sheen. The tiny windows contribute some light into this underground lair, but it’s the string lighting, integrated into the rafters, which provide the real ambiance and charm in this beautiful space. The string lighting in Figure 2 is more substantial, illuminating the neatly finished basement walls, giving an air of charming elegance to the somewhat anonymous space. Marvelous.

Bedouin Sheeting

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If you’re looking for a quick fix for an unfinished ceiling, this bohemian, Bedouin tent idea is fun, practical, and charming. These huge sheets provide a cheap solution for a potentially ugly space, held to the ceiling with rustic branches, and draped across the walls to hide a multitude of sins. However, if you’re considering surrounding yourself with cloth, make it the fireproof variety. The lighting behind the roof sheeting needs to be from low-temperature LEDs – while they emit a lovely, ambient glow from behind the curtaining, you don’t want exposed element bulbs anywhere near! The wall screening presents the impression of windows which is a smart touch. Lovely, but caution required.

The Boudoir

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A room without windows often presents a vital challenge for color – nobody wants to sleep in a dinghy bunker courtesy of the likes of Josef Fritzl. However, this stunning conversion explodes with calm sophistication and ambiance. The downlit sheer curtains are a masterstroke, introducing atmosphere and an aura of restfulness that makes this space perfect for slumber. The immaculate laminate flooring brings a professional finish to this basement boudoir, while the candle lighting emits the sheen of an 80s pop video by a soft rock diva. Colossal hair aside, this incredible space is sure to elicit an immediate desire for slumber. Fun and spectacular.

Small Basements

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If your basement is bijou, then there might not be room for a double bed. However, this charming snug is attractive and inviting while maximizing available space for leisurely pursuits and storage. This basement is glorious in brilliant white – a space-age shell if we’ve ever seen one. A thorough coating of matte white hides a multitude of sins, making this bright basement nook the perfect spot for reading, listening to music, or some intimate socializing. Every area is primed for storage, including the under-sofa drawers. The downlighting gives this tiny space the lumens it requires to grow into a usable environment for reflection and enjoyment. Figure 2 monopolizes every single inch of available wall space situated around the daybed, which could comfortably accommodate the occasional guest. Fantastic.

The Glory Of Wood

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Where there are no windows, the temptation to use the brightest possible wall colors can be difficult to resist; however, it’s quite possible to be blinded by white, remember. So, this stylish bedroom makes the most of the white ceiling and the cappuccino walls by bringing the two tones together with a wood effect wallpaper that returns this perfectly plastered oubliette to its rustic roots. The calming tones of chocolate creep in through the background of the patterned fleur-de-lis of the bedclothes and the dark wood furniture. This space has the calming attributes of a luxurious hotel room, with the homely touches that one requires for productive slumber. The wall art is an amalgam of the surrounding earth tones. For calm and serenity, this wood-effect wall pulls the entire decor together with a tranquility of understated design. Amazing.

The Secret Space

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There’s nothing more invigorated than venturing into the unknown, and this secret room idea appeals to the child-like yearning for adventure in all of us. The billboard-sized framed print makes a fantastic facade for your basement space – full of the cheeky playfulness that we should all cling onto as adults. Hinged, with a concealed door handle, you could be excused for mistaking this as the entrance to a Narnia-like alternative dimension. For the playful amongst us, this idea represents an impish opportunity to wow and surprise in equal measure. Surprising.

As we’ve seen, there’s absolutely no reason why the basement should ever disappoint. We love the use of vibrant tones to bring energy and excitement to the dingiest of hidden spaces. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and get designing!