5 Contemporary Aqua and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Designing a bedroom is all about the marriage of colors, patterns, and aesthetics. It is also about breaking the rules and letting your imagination take charge.

The bedroom is an intimate space and, as such, must be reflective of your personality. It should be a calming oasis that brings you respite from the noise of everyday life.

Here are a few aqua and grey bedroom ideas that can help you revamp your room.

Grey and Aqua Work Well Together

You can choose either of these colors for your walls and choose the other for decor elements. Together, they would impart a softness to the entire room.

This combination works best for people prone to minimalism but if you are in awe of grey and aqua and also love drama and abundance, feel free to adorn your space with a dash of color while bathing the room in shades of aqua and grey.

Aqua Walls for the Win

Aqua And Grey Bedroom Ideas 2
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Walls bathed in aqua look vibrant and peaceful at the same time. Our advice would be to go with grey bedsheets, grey side tables, and grey cupboards to bring the space to life.

If this seems too simple, add a big chandelier to the room, and you will see the instant difference it makes.

Aqua Is the New Black

The best thing about the color aqua is that it looks great on walls, on shelves, and even on furniture. Besides, you are free to experiment with the many hues and tints of aqua to add more character to your bedroom.

Our suggestion would be to color the walls in soft tones of aqua and complement them by adding black and white decor elements.

Throw a black and white rug to finish the room and sit and marvel at the beautiful space that you have created.

Go Grey

Aqua And Grey Bedroom Ideas 4
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Gone are the days when grey was associated with dullness and gloom. Today, this color is celebrated as one of the best options for the bedroom.

Grey walls, grey windows, and grey beds look beautiful together. However, you must add a pop of color to the decor to introduce some glamour to the room.

Do this by choosing aqua curtains, bedsheets, and cushion covers.

Grey and Aqua Together Offer Unique Coloring

Aqua And Grey Bedroom Ideas 5
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You don’t have to restrict yourself to coloring your bedroom walls with one single color. We suggest using both grey and aqua on the walls and adding other design elements accordingly.

One suggestion would be to avoid adding any other color to the room as grey and aqua together cast quite a potent spell.

Those were some of our suggestions to create a beautiful bedroom for yourself. Do try these suggestions out and share them with friends and family.