9 Eclectic Bedroom Ideas

Why does your bedroom have to look like everyone else’s? You are the one who is going to be sleeping in it, so why not make it your own and bring out some of your personality in the way it is designed and decorated. You can truly make the room your own domain by personalizing it with a style that is uniquely your own.

Of course, not everyone has a great sense of style or is able to come up with a well-designed room that they would feel happy with. That’s what we are here for. We have looked at some of the most eclectic bedroom designs we could find and compiled them here for you. It’s possible you won’t find a single one of these that you want to follow to the letter, but you will hopefully feel some inspiration as to where to go with your bedroom idea. You might not get a concrete plan in mind, but perhaps these ideas will point you in the right direction and get your gears turning as you prepare to make your bedroom one of a kind.

Blue Room

The deep blue overall theme and the serene mood it evokes is heavily contrasted with some odd shapes and a few splashes of brown and yellow. There’s plenty of room for improvisation here to make this bedroom feel like it belongs to you.

via M&S

Clutter-Free Beauty

This one removes the heavy furniture of the average bedroom and replaces it with a full wall mural and some intense colours. Contrasting natural prints with pastel colours creates a vibrant scene that always gives your eyes something to focus on.

via housetohome.co.uk

Vertical Bedroom

While the bedroom isn’t particularly vertical, the use of space definitely is. You have your simple bed taking up the floor space and then the walls and edges of the room are filled with intricate vertical touches that draw the eyes upward.

via Swoon Worthy

The Lady’s Room

Your bedroom could be a vibrant experiment in pinks with some blue touches, if you like. Not everyone can handle the bright noise this one brings, but if you like your bedroom to be intense, this might be right for you.

via jg188.com

Subtle Oddities

If you like your eclectic designs a bit less on the nose, then you might be partial to this subdued design. You have to look for the touches of oddness, such as the cushion-inspired headboard and the distinctive lamps.

via SmartFurniture

Mix And Match

Not all of your bedroom’s individual components have to be of the same variety to mesh well together. The luxurious chandelier here stands in stark contrast to the homely drapes and the plain bed spread, but then matches up again with the intricate rug.

via House Beautiful Magazine

Draped Bedroom

This Indian design uses draping to create a cosy sleeping area, then ensures that the Indian theme is carried through rest of the room with a massive hanging rug and some scattered decorations. If you have a few foreign items that need a space to fit into, it may work to design the entire bedroom around them.

via alwaysqueenbitch.tumblr.com

Attic With A View

You can make the best of a space that’s not quite ideal by taking full advantage of the natural light. That natural light only serves to accentuate the outdoorsy beauty of the room and its rustic atmosphere.

via homedesigning.tumblr.com

Personal Space

Nothing quite says nobody else is welcome like a large animal skull and a “no vacancy” sign. If you’re making the room your own, why not go all out and create a vibe that feels right for you but that shows everyone else the bedroom is off limits.

via B-Metro Magazine

Did you find your next great bedroom idea? Hopefully, you’re now planning out your own bedroom and how you want it to look. I put this list together to help me personalize my own bedroom, and I believe it can serve as an inspiration to others in the same boat. If you found a great idea for your bedroom here, then be sure to share it in the comments below.