8 Superb Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Adults

Would you like to turn your bedroom into the most comfortable and inviting room in the house? That can be accomplished with the right design. You want a bedroom that feels like it has a bit of your personality or sense of style in it, but it also needs to be something you wouldn’t feel ashamed to show off to friends or family. That’s why sophisticated designs from experienced architects and interior designers are the way to go with your bedroom redesign. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best contemporary designs ideas for adult bedrooms. Hopefully, they will give you the inspiration you need to make your bedroom the way you always wanted. Or perhaps they will show you a new way to go with the bedroom that you hadn’t thought of before.

These ideas can be worked into an existing bedroom, as you make changes to accommodate the new designs. They can also be used as models for an entire bedroom redesign or when you are having a bedroom built from scratch. You don’t have to follow the exact template these ideas lay down, but they may be able to give you some ideas you can use to get started on a bedroom that you will love.

Reclaimed Wood

Taking wood that has been reclaimed from barns and other sources and using it in the bedroom can create an incredible rustic vibe. It’s cosier than you might think, and the natural look can make you feel connected with the outdoors kind or make you feel like you are in your own treehouse.

via Setting for Four

Printed Photo Plates

Keep the magic of your favourite moments enshrined forever above the master bed with these photo printed plates. You certainly don’t have to use wedding photos as this one does- any important life event will work.

via featherandblack.com

Fireplace And Accents

The long, clean lines of the walls and floor are juxtaposed against the occasional accents and bursts of colour scattered throughout the room. The fireplace centres it all, drawing your eye and creating a focal point for the bedroom.

via houzz.co.uk

Assorted Shapes

The sparse arrangement here is complemented by complex designs and patterns as well as different shapes to draw the eye and break up the monotony of what would otherwise be an overly simple room.

via Woohome

Hanging Décor And Pillows

This bedroom places almost all of the most interesting stuff up against the back wall and then fills the bed with pillows to create a very lopsided room. It’s a look that can work if you want your focus to be around the bed and you want the room to feel incredibly comfortable.

via Happily Ever After, Etc.

Contrasting Colours

This study in deep blue and cream contrasting with one another helps to make the room feel cosy and lends itself perfectly to adding accents and decorations here and there. You just have to keep with the colour scheme. Otherwise the whole room is going to feel out of whack.

via Anglian Home Improvements

Bedroom In Black

The sombre black look is a classy one that gives the bedroom a very adult feel. Some oddly-shaped decorations here and there liven up the two-tone colour scheme and inject some liveliness into the arrangement without feeling gaudy.

via masterbedroomideas.eu

Mural Background

A natural mural as the wallpaper for the bedroom can make it feel like you are outdoors, connect you with your favourite creatures or just add some spice and personality into an otherwise uninteresting room. Just be sure you choose the right colour pattern for the rest of the room to make the mural seem like a natural fit.

via Murals Wallpaper

How many of these have piqued your interest? We just love every one of them, and it might be hard narrowing down the list to the one we would actually want to go with. If you are struggling to choose just one idea, tell us about it in the comments section below. Then share this list with your friends so they can experience the struggle for themselves.