8 Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Does your bedroom feel hopelessly stuck in the past? A lot of older bedrooms have panelling, tiling and overall designs that date them terribly. They seem cluttered, overly dark and ultimately unappealing. A contemporary bedroom is spacious and light and has an excellent sense of composition that creates an instant attraction. You know you are looking at a modern bedroom when the first thing you notice about it is that it looks very cleanly designed and attractive.

Your bedroom can have that same instant appeal, but it may need a redesign first. You may not have to take out walls or get rid of all your furniture, but some rearranging and the addition or removal of certain items may be necessary to give it the right look. To help you achieve that, we have compiled some of the most gorgeous contemporary bedroom ideas out there. We know not everyone has the same tastes, so we’ve made sure to include a number of different options, each with their own appeal. Hopefully, you can find one of these that will give you the right inspiration you need to transform your bedroom into something you can be proud of.

Clean And Serene

You can see what we mean about the bedroom being clean and attractive. There are a lot of things in this room, but it doesn’t look like it because they all fit into the same colour scheme and they are all arranged in such a way as to give the illusion of additional space.

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Open Bedroom Plan

There’s no illusion of space here. This one is incredibly roomy and has a massive window wall, but privacy is provided thanks to the free-standing wall. The brick textures give the whole room a unified and complex look, and the brick’s dark tones create a cosy atmosphere.

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Pendant Light

The hanging light is the focal point, and everything else is in service to it. There’s a colour scheme going on here, but it’s not overly unified or simple, allowing for some variety that helps give the room a bit of personality.

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Dream Of Clouds

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are just floating on clouds and surrounded by their soft whiteness? This bedroom is the physical manifestation of that dream, and it is glorious.

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Gothic Tones

This one goes to the other end of the spectrum with a darker tone and a look that’s slightly inspired by gothic architecture. The tone never becomes too dark, as it is offset by a lot of greys and some white for a balanced, never oppressive, look.

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Contemporary Attic Bedroom

When your bedroom is stuck up in the attic, you have to make the best of the situation. This particular bedroom benefits immensely from tons of natural light, ensuring that what could have been a real downer of a bedroom is actually quite pleasant.

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Dash Of Colour

You don’t have to stick to one or two similar colours for your bedroom. Many contemporary rooms offer some splashes of colour to liven up the place and to create a fun atmosphere. Here’s the perfect example.

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Sombre Setting

Using a lot of black can make for a depressing rom, but this one simply looks like a sophisticated adult’s bedroom. That’s thanks to the mood lighting near the bed and the wonderful use of space that gives the whole room a sense of airiness.

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Which one was your favourite? Have you found your next great bedroom idea? We sure hope there was something here that inspired you and made you want to go out and start shopping for bedroom décor. If one of these caught your eye, please tell us about it in the comments below. Then share with your friends so they can become inspired as well.