5 Quirky Under the Sea Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Are you planning to give your bathroom a makeover? Do you want to try something different and unique, but you’re confused about what to try? We may have just the right suggestion for it.

Why not turn your bathroom into a sea oasis? It will be cool, quirky, and a lot of fun. Without much ado, here are a few under the sea bathroom decorating ideas.

Color It Blue

You cannot have an under the sea bathroom without paying homage to the color blue. There are myriad hues and tints of blue that you can and must experiment with, so don’t remain fixated on sea blue.

In fact, to create a beautiful bathroom, you will have to play around with many colors and textures.

If you want to add drama, go for a wallpaper with patterns and prints. If not, accessorize with a dramatic mirror, beaded chandelier, or a beaded curtain for the shower area to create a unique ambiance.

Dramatic Ceilings for the Win

Under The Sea Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2
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A lot of times, we design a space without giving due attention to its ceiling. This is particularly true in the case of bathrooms.

Why not go for a beautiful sea view on the ceiling? If it is a bathroom for your kids, you can create a scene replete with mermaids, sea fairies, and dolphins to make it more enticing.

Use Tiles Ingeniously

Under The Sea Bathroom Decorating Ideas 3
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If there is one element that can elevate your bathroom décor, it’s tiles. Choose mosaic glass tiles in tones of blue to make your bathroom a sea retreat.

To balance out the sharp effect, tone down the rest of the décor by keeping it white. Pro tip—white shelves go beautifully with blue tiles.

Glass Gems

Under The Sea Bathroom Decorating Ideas 4
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Add glass gems to the mirror in your bathroom to give it a unique appearance like an underwater oasis.

This will create one dramatic element in the bathroom, and you can keep the rest of the decor simple.

Fish It Up

Have you thought about creating a mini-aquarium out of your bathroom? It definitely will be a standout element in your room.

You can go for a wallpaper with fish swimming all around or can even have fish-like carvings pasted on the above half of the room while the rest of the walls can go mute in a light shade of blue.

Add gold and silver frames on the wall for a bit of contrast, and spice up the bathroom by adding azure lamps.

You can even make wall art with conch shells or have your mirror covered in shells to bring the sea home.

We hope that you liked these bathroom decoration ideas and will take inspiration from them soon.