Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathrooms can be a real nuisance, particularly if you have a large family.  But, with good bathroom organisation and quality storage, you can significantly increase the storage space in a manner which doesn’t have to be expensive, nor complicated. Some minimalistic storage ideas can be very powerful and get the maximum from your small bathroom.

Vertical Towel Holder

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Towels can take up a substantial amount of space in your bathroom. Most large cabinet boxes are primarily meant to store towels. But why not switch to vertical open racks instead? Your towels will be fresh and easily reachable any time, and there will be plenty of space left for other furniture. If you have a bigger family, it’s easy enough to fit two or three such racks in your bathroom.

Surround the Toilet

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The toilet in your bathroom can a great source of additional storage space as well. This shelf encompasses the toilet, providing plenty of storage for all things required toilet-related and more! There’s a toilet paper holder and closed racks for bathroom cleaning and maintenance products. There are also larger racks like this one available, which can hold a larger range of things, such as toiletries, towels and other personal items.

Hanging Storage

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When you don’t have much floor space, you can create more space by using your walls. Hanging bars can be used to hang and dock various baskets and other storage units, which are easy to replace when you want to change the design of your bathroom. It will be much easier and cheaper with these docked baskets and boxes than with anchor fixed cabinets. These can be used for the same purpose as a cabinet, yet they can be more accessible and easier to use in many cases.

Door Hanging Organisers

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These handy organisers can hang from the top rail of any door, making them useful for the entrance, storage cabinet or shower cabin door.  Items such as cosmetic products and personal hygiene items are perfect for these racks. Many people use multiple racks, using one for hair care, skin care and dental products. They can replace an entire cabinet, despite taking up very little space. Not to mention the price and ease of use: there’s no hardware and no work involved to install it, just pick it up in a store or order it online, and connect it to a door of your choice. Awesome!

Bathtub Side Storage

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Space for storage in the bathroom can even be found where you expect it the least: below the sides of the tub. This storage may not be the greatest, but can keep things you need the most when taking a bath. You can easily access your shampoo and shower gel without getting out of the tub. Isn’t that great? There are additional storage options available for above the bath as well, just be careful where it’s installed to avoid hitting your head!