5 Clever Small Bathroom Entry Door Ideas

Bathroom doors are witnessing a massive renaissance of late, with designers moving beyond mere functionality.

Bathroom doors are today being carved as clever storage units and are being seamlessly added to the design elements of the bathroom.

Here are five clever small bathroom entry door ideas to consider during your next bathroom revamp.

Curtain Door

If you are looking for clever door ideas for your small bathroom, shun the impulse and go for a curtain instead.

They have been traditionally used and are in vogue till today because of an unmatched variety available.

There are many fabrics and designs available to choose from, which give the required privacy while also keeping the style quotient high.

Sliding Door to the Rescue

Sliding doors are perfect additions to small bathroom spaces. They occupy a smaller floor space and make the bathroom look more cozy and warm.

If you would like to add drama to the sliding door, you can even opt for a cool wallpaper.

Alternately, you can also opt for a barn sliding door to give your bathroom a more rusty, vintage feel.

Bifold Bathroom Doors Look Beautiful

Bifold doors are the perfect solution to space-starved bathrooms. It reduces space usage by half and is also easy on the pocket.

You can experiment with the choice of material, ranging from wood to glass or almost any other substance of your choice.

Pocket Doors Work Well for Small Spaces

Pocket doors are recommended for spaces that cannot accommodate a full-swinging door. These look cute and add a distinct edge to the bathroom space.

You can opt for a muted color pocket door in contrast to the rest of the space to make it more visually appealing.

Frosted Glass Panels for Privacy and Light

If your bathroom is short on space, you must look beyond installing a full-swinging door.

This is because adding a door will further shrink the space, making it look visibly cramped. You must instead go for a more innovative approach, such as installing frosted glass panels.

These can be integrated into the decor by adding certain design elements so that they don’t look out of place.

The most significant benefit of having glass panels is that they maintain privacy while also ensuring a good supply of natural light in the bathroom.

If any of the above ideas resonate with you, let us know which one and what makes it appealing. Share these ideas with your friends who are struggling to revamp their small bathroom.

We are sure these tips will help them make the most of a small space without losing out on style.