5 Fashionable Sage Green Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A calming and serene color, green connotes rejuvenation and revival. It is no wonder that today, right from the jewel tones of emerald to pretty sage, green is becoming a popular choice for bathrooms.

And, if you want to move away from traditional colors like ivory, taupe, pale blue, etc., then sage green, which is a gorgeous combination of gray and eucalyptus green, is an incredible choice.

Perfect for both traditional as well as contemporary bathrooms, sage green is indeed the “color of the moment.” Sage green has become hugely fashionable and so, in this article, we have put together some really stylish and trendy sage green bathroom decorating ideas that you’re sure to love.

Textured Sage Bathroom

This modern and stylish bathroom has been done up beautifully using textured mosaic tiles in a gorgeous sage green color, which complements the white marble floor, traditional sink, and wall.

The color also contrasts beautifully with the dark wooden cabinets, and the glass partition completes the modern, sophisticated feel. The textured sage is sure to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a tranquil spa.

Muted Sage Bathroom

This bathroom, done up in an earthy sage green color, is soft and muted but at the same time has a fresh and modern look and feel. The earthy sage green is very versatile and works extremely well with the rustic wooden accessories, a mix of metals, a white sink, and toilet.

The sage color is extremely refreshing, adding a pop of color to your bathroom while also giving the space a tranquil vibe.

Sage and Subway Tile Backsplash Bathroom

This uber-cool bathroom in sage, white, and off-white is classy and modern. The muted sage green walls are offset by the contrasting subway tile backsplash.

The cream-colored cabinets, white marble flooring, and other fixtures in white create a serene and calming space where you would love to relax after a long tiring day.

Simply Sage Bathroom

This bathroom has a sage wall that dominates the space, offset by the white sink and toilet. The patterned tile in sage green and white not only complements the wall but also amps up the décor to the next level.

The sleek matte-black faucet in the sink adds to the modernity of the bathroom, while the rustic wooden shelf and oval wooden frame mirror adds to the overall charm of the bathroom.

Sage and White Bathroom

Nothing can beat the stunning combination of sage green and white. The sage green walls bring tranquillity and calm, while the white tiles and sink and black-framed art and the black frame round mirror are in stark contrast.

The wooden cabinet under the sink adds to the rustic charm of the bathroom.

Sage green bathrooms are “in” nowadays. The soft color is fresh but modern and can be paired with plenty of other colors, metals, and styles. In our article, we have shared with you some of our favorite sage green bathroom ideas that are sure to make your bathroom the most serene and calming space in your home.

Tell us what your favorite idea is, and if you enjoyed reading the article, do share it with your friends and family.