Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Turn your standard bathroom into a completely distinctive rustic space! Yes, “rustic” designs aren’t reserved to just kitchen and the living room. This guide will hopefully give you a few rustic bathroom design ideas and spark your creativity.

Bye, Bye, Ceramic Tiles

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Most rustic bathrooms do not have ceramic tiles. They instead invoke times when ceramic tiles were very expensive, and many people used used wood, stone or painted their bathroom walls. In modern bathrooms, wood can be used for a variety of purposes, you can even have wooden bathroom sinks. Note that modern techniques can make these features as water resistant as ceramic tiles.

Alongside wood you can use stone tiles, as stacked stone, while upper portions may be painted with waterproof paint. It’s best to not use glossy wall paint if you’re aiming for a rustic look. Back in the time when “rustic” was “modern” there weren’t any shiny surfaces except windows and mirrors!

Ceramic tiles are still an option for the floor, as it’s difficult to find a good alternative to wood-look ceramic tiles when it comes to functionality and looks without breaking the bank.

Big Mirrors and Edison Bulbs

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Edison bulbs are the latest interior design trend. These represent revival of early 20th century light bulbs, which were dim and expensive but very reliable and long-lasting. Today this durability is often achieved using LED lighting. These light bulbs are an ideal fit for almost every rustic design. However, in the bathroom you may suffer from lack of light due to natural dimness of these lights. The best way to correct it is to install a large mirror on a wall, ideally behind the sink.

Bathtubs and Shower Cabins

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When it comes to bathtubs, you have plenty of options. You will almost have a greater freedom of choice than with a modern bath design. Rustic baths may use any materials and designs. From standard, built-in acrylic through to wooden ones to metal (most often copper). You can use materials which resemble other materials, e.g. wooden bathtubs that will have a copper-like finish. Some uniquely made wooden, handcrafted  bathtubs can even resemble stone – just see the image.

Speaking of shower cabins, you may struggle to find something accurately described as a “rustic” shower cabin. But if you need to put one into a rustic bathroom, aim for a minimalist design with little decoration. A clear glass panel with some wood elements on the floor will be enough. See the image below.

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Furniture and Sinks

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In a rustic bathroom, furniture and the sink(s) are an important part of the entire design.  The sink is usually placed atop a large cabinet standing on the floor. The cabinet is of course made of wood and it’s made to look rugged. There should be other similar cabinets throughout the bathroom, which align with the wooden walls. The sink itself can be made of any material, but since it’s on top of a cabinet, copper or perhaps some  high quality wood is an ideal fit.