5 Homely Old Barn Wood Bathroom Ideas

If you are looking to add some old barn wood selections to your bathroom or if you simply want to enhance the bathroom of your old barn, go through the following ideas to figure out what you can use and select what you love.

This list contains some curated old barn wood bathroom ideas that we hope will spark as much excitement in you as they did in us. Now that we have that established, let’s start looking into these ideas.

Antique Bathroom Mirror

This clean bathroom mirror with the surrounding wooden frame adds a great antique look to your bathroom. This is also something that you can easily make on your own. If you have an old barn wooden block lying around, you can simply cut that up to make this frame.

The chipped white paint and small holes add to the rustic vibe.

Simple and Exposed

Old Barn Wood Bathroom Ideas 2
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This barn wood bathroom is simple and raw. The wooden walls and floor do not overwhelm but successfully add an old-fashioned charm to the bathroom.

The sleek mirror and two bright lamps add a slightly modern style to the bathroom. We absolutely love the exposed cement sink structure, which gives the bathroom a surprising but effective look.

Elegant Vanity

This vanity cupboard has been made from a weathered old block of barn wood. The different colors of the wood give a unique and natural charm to the cupboard and the bathroom in general.

In contrast, the smooth and laminated sink top with the dark sink accessories radiate elegance and can be a great way to combine complementing styles.

Rustic and Industrial

This old barn wood has been cleverly used to create structures for bathroom racks. These are simple do-it-yourself projects that you can work on by cutting off some of that old barn wood that you might have lying around.

By attaching black industrial iron pipes to the wooden structures, you can make an excellent combination of the rustic and industrial.

Sturdy Floating Shelves

You can also use your old barn wood to make these strong and sturdy floating shelves for your bathroom. These shelves have been made by repurposing old poplar wooden blocks.

Left with their natural and organic exterior, all you need to do here is cut the wood up and attach it to your bathroom wall for a deliberately homespun appeal.

Now that you have gone through these diverse ideas, we hope you relished them and found something useful to take away from them.

If you want to share your thoughts, do leave behind a comment to talk about your ideas and experiences. We would also love it if you shared this list with your loved ones to spread the homeliness.