7 Creative Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Does your bathroom currently offer all the charm and invitation of an office corridor? Do you feel that your narrow bathroom narrows your options? Perhaps your long, thin bathroom feels squalid and dark.

There’s absolutely no reason why a narrow bathroom should be anything other than inspiring and beautiful.

A narrow bathroom becomes brilliant with some color, some light, and some inspiration, and we’ve come up with narrow bathroom ideas that we think you’re going to love.

The Corridor Of Love

via MyHomeRocks .com

We love how this super-narrow bathroom has been transformed into a compact stream of clean. This corridor of love incorporates a super-slick double sink and a narrow, modern bath, snugly paired into a single wall panel. The use of reflective surfaces and plenty of natural light evokes a sense of space. The wooden floorboards accentuate the length of the room, offering a touch of luxurious nature, bringing balance against the space-age furniture.

Narrow And Proud

This haven of neutral shades makes excellent use of rustic textures, coupled with a swathe of natural lighting that presents an image of spaciousness.  The painted brickwork contrasts with the wooden floorboards that emphasize the length of the space. The over-sized wall tiles and funky rounded furniture detract from the angularity of the oblong room. The bath placed at the end, with the rain shower is a stroke of genius in making every inch count.

A Splash Of Style

via homebeautiful.com.au

The framed picture-window floods this narrow bathroom with luminescence, reflecting against the shiny white of the brick tiles and white ceiling. The picture wall is further pronounced in grey, contrasting against the stand-alone tub and wet-room shower floor, tiled in funky, 70s-inspired blue. The floating sink vanity unit is the crowning glory, which tricks the eye, making the space feel voluminous.

The Dark Side

via Luxxu

2018 may be the year of the dark interior, but you need the right lighting; grey can super-stylish. With a distinct 80s decadence evoking Patrick Bateman, this long, thin bathroom is compact but brimming with beauty. Tiles are abandoned in favor of fluid slabs of color, with the slate greys of the walls contrasted by the polished concrete floor, and cistern-less toilet.

Where Head-Height Is Minimal

via interiorsyum.tumblr.com

This narrow bathroom is built into the eaves of the home. The huge skylight throws energy and space into this tiny room, decorated in neutral colors and mosaic tiles. The shower may lack a little head height, but the addition of the shower skylight brings the outdoors inside, conjuring up the feeling of space even when the footprint is minimal.

Minimalism Maketh The Masterpiece

via Interiors Addict

This splendour of white and grey uses colour so effectively that the minimal floor-space feels roomy and full of air. The wet-room floor maintains the flow of the room, uninterrupting the over-sized floor tiles, providing the impression of endlessness. The skylight above the shower practically drenches the space in a biblical light, extending into the magic of the floating-sink vanity unit. Just the toilet and shower screen make contact with the floor, suggesting endless floor space.

Let The Shower Rain Down

via fuckyeahinteriordesigns.com

This compact bathroom feels roomy and luxurious, complete with a sauna-style, tiled bench at the end of the massive shower. The wood of the double-sink floating vanity unit is reflected in the separate tiling of the shower space, clearly depicting two areas within the one small room. The mosaic floor tiles add a textural interest to this otherwise sleek space.

Are you inspired? We love the use of texture, color, and light to make these narrow bathrooms into spacious chasms of luxury and restfulness. Let us know what you think by adding some comments and feel free to share with your friends. Happy bathing!