5 Rustic Log Cabin Small Bathroom Ideas

If you are looking for some log cabin small bathroom ideas for your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. We know the importance of having a comfortable bathroom that complements the rest of your home.

For this reason, we curated this list that will help you figure out an idea for your bathroom design. Go through this wonderful range and see what you like. Let’s take a look!

Chic and Stylish

Log Cabin Small Bathroom Ideas 1
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This bathroom is all about contrast and balance at the same time. The marble bathtub and sink top serve as a modern echo to the rustic log design of the rest of the bathroom.

The soft white curtains further match this aesthetic and offer a floaty lightness to the bathroom. This works well with the groundedness of the Navajo-style rug.

Subtle and Functional

This small bathroom works surprisingly well together. With a smartly recycled metal sheet bathtub and bucket, this bathroom adds functionality to a subtle backdrop.

The entire space is cleverly used with a vertical clothes rack, leaving enough room for comfortable movement (and even a small plant!). We think this is a wonderfully efficient way to design your log cabin bathroom.

Warm and Luxurious

The porcelain bathtub and toilet perfectly match the understated streaks of white between the log walls of the bathroom. On the other hand, the wooden toilet seat and cupboard smoothly sync with the logs and flooring.

The warm candles, patterned rug, and flower vase add pops of color. Together, everything works to give a blend of luxury and rustic comfort.

Snug and Homely

Log Cabin Small Bathroom Ideas 4
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This bathroom truly screams snug, comfortable, and homely. With similar designs as the previous bathroom that include porcelain accessories combined with the log walls and flooring, this bathroom adds some more brightness with the green plants and ample natural lighting.

The rug, candle, and white wall paint further enhance this brightness.

Cozy and Graceful

Log Cabin Small Bathroom Ideas 5
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We love the elegance that this bathroom portrays. The Victorian era-like lamps combine with the vintage tap fixtures, towel racks, and cupboards to add an antique look to an otherwise contemporary bathroom.

The flat and light logs of the wall, the sleek white sink flowing into the cupboard, the vertical rack, and the in-between white wall grace the bathroom with modernity.

We truly enjoyed the range of options available here. Who knew you could do so much with a small bathroom? We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did and that you found something to apply to your own bathroom.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You can also pass on these great ideas to your friends and family in case they’re thinking along similar lines as well.