5 Neat Ideas for Towel Storage in a Small Bathroom

A bathroom cluttered with disheveled towels is not a neat sight. Towels are incredibly important components of a bathroom, but often people struggle to organize them properly without giving the bathroom a cramped appearance.

Here we’ll share with you a few ideas for towel storage in a small bathroom that will make your life easier and your bathroom classier.

Set Up Wall Cabinets

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Wall cabinets are an instant way of adding more storage to your bathroom while also elevating the aesthetic look of the space.

You can opt for cane cabinets, refurbished plastic cabinets, or even wooden cabinets to add that extra space to keep your towels in.

These are affordable, high on style, and a great way to keep the towels neatly organized.

Hook-Style Shelving

Adding hook-style shelving is a great way to add additional storage in your bathroom.

You can simply put neatly folded towels on this shelf to give it a neat appearance.

If you would like to add some style element to it, why not add an indoor plant that can climb onto the sides of the shelf?

Towel Holder Rack to the Rescue

Add a vertical towel rack to your small bathroom to both create an illusion of space and give your towels a cozy home.

These racks can be bought from any furniture store – you can even browse them online. Easy on the pocket, these can be easily installed without any external help.

Another advantage of adding a towel holder is that it lets you use even the tiniest corner of your space without having to make additional floor space.

Use Bathroom Door Judiciously

You can add knobs or hooks to your bathroom door to create space for hanging towels. This way your towels won’t be lying all over the room.

Additionally, you can also use the space above the door to install a horizontal rack to keep your towels in

If you have a lot of towels, you can consider adding two racks on the wall.

Add Small Storage Spaces

You can add small storage elements like hanging racks, small wall cabinets, and the likes to accommodate your towels.

These will be a pretty addition to the small space. They will also ensure your bathroom is not overly cluttered. You can easily find them online or even make a DIY rack for your towels.

These are the top five ideas that we think can make a huge difference to your small bathroom. If you like any of these ideas, please tell us which ones and why.

If you have friends and family who are looking to declutter their small bathroom, feel free to share these ideas with them also.