7 Refreshing Grey Bathroom Ideas

Are you afraid of going grey? Don’t. It’s great.

Have you heard that grey is the new white, but you’re not quite sure how to make it work?

I’m happy to say that there are definitely more than fifty shades of grey, and as far as bathrooms are concerned, grey equals timeless style that’s never going to get old.

Grey reinforces the Victoriana of a period property and the sleek modes of modernity for the city-dweller.

Here are our favorite grey bathroom ideas:

Curves And Concrete

Perhaps it’s difficult to make concrete feel warm, but there’s no better way than with curves. The circular skylight etched into the heavy, industrial concrete ceiling projects down through the annular shower-curtain and the smooth curve of the brick wall. The curves are sharply juxtaposed with an angular sink and mirror that adds a masculine balance to this ultra-modern, brutalist bathroom. The grey of the ceiling is grouted into the white of the brickwork, warmed up by the exposed brick that frames the bath tub.

Grey As A Feature Color

via federicocedrone.com

The alpine cladding of every flat surface transports you to wooden cabins in the mountains in this stunning bathroom. Grey becomes a masonry accent in this pool of wood, with a floating Belfast sink and shelf unit, further fortified with the LED-lit floating shelf, giving this earthy haven the illusion of anti-gravity. The stunning circular window softens the stony grey and the dryness of the wood, accompanied by a rounded toilet and bidet.

Gallery Chic

via Behance

The glass-like grey of the huge wall tiles reflect the inset ceiling lights and painted ceiling. The invisible vanity drawers extend and celebrate this fetish of grey, while spatters of pink complement the mxonochrome with a rounded, floating toilet, a circular wash-basin, and matching towels; all thematically unified with the deep puce of the flower arrangement. A marbled floor and back wall lighten up the swathes of grey while maintaining the theme.

Victorian Modesty

via cushandnooks.blogspot.co.nz

The flat matt of the deep, grey walls conjoins the Victoriana of the sink unit with the stripped floorboards. The modern toilet contributes some Hollywood glamor, reinforced with the bare bulbs of the mirror lighting, and the over-sized framed collection of stars present and past. The tall skirting-boards offer a stark dovetail between the traditional and the glitz of bygone days.


via thrifteydecors.com

This beautiful, textured wall evokes windswept sand-dunes, reverberating through the lighter shades of grey on the floor and in the wall tiling. The grey floor runner provides a charcoal earthiness, completing the celebration of natural elements, juxtaposing significantly with the smooth, blank canvas of the rounded bath. The bath-towels bring the whole scheme together, echoing the white of the bath, with three strips of grey.


via Halima Rasheed

Who said that grey was boring? The erratic, grey feature floor tiles bring a Moorish modality to this otherwise rather bland bathroom. The stand-alone bath and the brick-tiles offer industrial chic to this slightly confusing array of influences. However, the flat grey of the upper wall pulls the eclectic mix together. Perhaps the floral bath-towels are a design feature too far.

Wood Accents

via DIY Design & Decor

This fully tiled shower-room would feel a little lost without the grounding influence of the wood. The grain of the wood honors the yellow birch floating unit, motifically repeated in the floor-standing plant-pot. The huge mirror multiples the valuable light, and the basket lamp-shades complete the jungle-like chic of this fabulous bathroom.

Have we convinced you that grey is the go-to color? We love when grey gets the grace it deserves. Feel free to let us know what you think about our wonderful world of charcoal water closets. And share this article with your friends if they’re seeking inspiration for stunning grey bathroom ideas.