5 Stunning Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas

Glass block windows are ultra-chic and let the light in your bathrooms while maintaining privacy. This sounds like a dream situation which perhaps explains the increasing interest in getting glass block windows for bathrooms these days.

These are perfect design solutions and are favored in a lot of elements in the interior decor space and not just the bathroom because of the dual purpose they serve.

We take you through a few glass block bathroom window ideas to make your bathroom a beautiful haven.

Prefabricated Glass Block Windows

The two advantages of using prefab glass blocks are that they are easy to install and come in a number of designs and patterns.

You simply have to choose one that complements the existing decor of your bathroom, and you are good to go.

They are joined together with mortar or silicone and are durable and robust, giving you a long-lasting window.

Try Vinyl Framed Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas 2
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Vinyl framed glass block windows work much better than unframed glass blocks for the bathroom.

While it is easy to mold into any design, you are spared a lot of anxiety that comes with the unframed ones, particularly around the installation process.

Go Heavy on Color

Glass Block Bathroom Window Ideas 3
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There are a lot of pretty pictures on the web of beautiful glass blocks. You should try to make full use of this design inspiration while choosing a glass block for your bathroom.

Our recommendation would be to go wild with colors and patterns, particularly if your bathroom is bathed in a neutral hue – the effect will be magical.

However, remember to add all the effects to the block before installation. Once the glass block is installed, it will be very hard to take it out and add colors.

Dreamy Walk-in Shower

By installing a glass block window in your bathroom, you will do away with the mandatory shower window.

In fact, the effect of glass blocks is such that you feel you are in the tropics on a lazy, well-deserved vacation. You can even add a few plants to your bathroom decor to get a full Caribbean vibe.

Glass blocks around the shower area are also a great way to create an illusion of space, making the bathroom look bigger.

Let There Be Light

A bathroom that lets in natural sunlight makes a pretty picture. Quality glass blocks allow in natural sunlight while ensuring your privacy is not compromised.

The biggest advantage of going for glass blocks is that you can do away with tacky bathroom curtains for privacy, giving your bathroom a more sophisticated vibe.

These were a few ideas for installing glass blocks in bathrooms. We hope you liked them and will take inspiration from them soon.