5 Chic Burgundy and Brown Bathroom Ideas

Brown and burgundy are not ordinary colors. They represent deep, jewel-toned shades that, when brought together, create nothing less than magic

These are also colors you can consider for your bathroom if you are looking to make a departure from the loud, over-the-top decor that is too sharp for the eyes to behold.

Here are a few burgundy and brown bathroom ideas for you to consider while revamping your bathroom.

Iron Cisterns, Burgundy Walls

Paint your walls burgundy, and then add accessories that complement the wall color. One of the ways of doing this is by installing an iron cistern that is colored gold or bronze to add that extra drama.

You can add a few plants to balance the drama and also give your bathroom a refreshing twist.

Burgundy Walls, Brown Cabinets

Burgundy And Brown Bathroom Ideas 2
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Walls bathed in a deep burgundy tone exude royalty. You should accentuate their beauty by adding wooden cabinets and vanities to pay homage to the classic brown and burgundy combination.

If you feel the need for adding some color, feel free to add a flower vase or a money plant, and you are good to go.

Burgundy and Brass Look Classy Together

Burgundy And Brown Bathroom Ideas 3
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If you are going with burgundy to adorn your walls, you must accessorize correctly to give the bathroom a sophisticated look.

All the taps and other furnishings can be brass-based to create that unique aesthetic for your bathroom.

This would be slightly on the heavier side, but you would have a five-star experience in the comfort of your home.

Create a Retro Burgundy Bathroom

Walls are the most obvious decor element that you need to cater to. However, for a retro look, you need to look beyond the walls.

Brown and burgundy tiles and ceramics are a great way to give your bathroom a unique appearance.

Go All Out

Burgundy is a truly royal color. It is a common myth that you need to use burgundy with a lighter hue such as white to create a solid impact.

In fact, choosing a brown and burgundy combination will give the bathroom a more classic and serious vibe.

The contrast that you are seeking can come from a mirror or a makeup vanity placed strategically.

For everything else, brown and burgundy should be your mantra. We are talking of things like the sink, the vanity, the wastebasket.

Remember, you can always experiment with different hues and tints of brown and burgundy to add drama instead of opting for a different color.

These are some of the ideas for designing your bathroom in deep tones of brown and burgundy. Please tell us which ones resonate and what makes them charming for you.