5 Trendy Blue Pearl Granite Bathroom Ideas

Are you wondering how you can add a trendy element to your bathroom? Do you want something that stands out but also matches your style? Consider adding blue pearl granite in different ways.

To help you out in your decision, we have selected a few images that will provide you with some great blue pearl granite bathroom ideas that you can then choose and apply to your own design. Now, let’s go through these ideas together.

Neat and Tasteful

This blue pearl granite vanity countertop is the perfect element to make your bathroom pop and stand out. It exudes elegance and offers a neat and tasteful contrast to the otherwise pristine white of the walls and vanity cupboard in the bathroom.

It also works pretty well with the big mirror, the accessories of the sink, and the stylish white lamp.

Patterns of Luxury

Blue Pearl Granite Bathroom Ideas 2
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This bathroom utilizes blue pearl granite for a vanity countertop that perfectly complements the clean white cupboard.

In this case, however, we love how the patterns of the granite work in harmony with the other patterns of the bathroom to create an overall luxurious aesthetic. These other designs include vertical stripes on the wallpaper as well as the squares on the window.

Polished Symmetry

In this bathroom, blue pearl granite is used amply but in a sophisticated way. The slabs and tiles of this blue pearl granite have been combined to form the walls of the bathroom that provide a stylish symmetry to the entire bathroom.

You can also notice the vanity countertop that is designed in the same way to enhance the shapeliness.

Plush and Miniature

This miniature use of blue pearl granite instantly captured our attention. Cut into various shapes and sizes, blue pearl granite is used here to adorn knobs and handles. You can use these knobs on your bathroom door as well as on your cabinet doors and drawers.

Despite being small, these additions add a plush and distinct style to the bathroom.

Inventive and Refined

This bathroom provides another study in patterns. Here, the blue pearl granite countertop enhances the small tiles right above it that create proportional horizontal lines using similar colors. These adjoining patterns work surprisingly well together and make the bathroom look refined.

The granite also works as an interesting contrast to the simple wooden mirror frame and wooden vanity cupboard.

We have now gone through this wide range of options that you can use to make blue pearl granite work well with your bathroom design.

If you found these ideas creative inspiring, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences through the comment section below. You can also share this list with others to pass on these fashionable ideas.